Various Artists "1988 Summer Olympic Album - One Moment In Time" (1988) -Pop Rock / AOR / Pop Soul / Contemporary R&B-

Label : Arista Records

États-Unis 01 - Olympic Spirit (John Williams)
02 - One Moment In Time (Albert Hammond & John Bettis)
03 - Fight (No Matter How Long) (Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb & David English)
04 - Indestructible (Bobby Sandstrom & Michael Price)
05 - Reason To Try (Jon Lind & Phil Galdston)
06 - Shape Of Things To Come (Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb & Maurice Gibb)
07 - Peace In Our Time (Andy Hill & Pete Sinfield)
08 - Willpower (Graham Lyle & Terry Britten)
09 - That's What Dreams Are Made Of (Dave Plenn)
10 - Harvest For The World (Ernie Isley, Marvin Isley, Chris Jasper, Ronald Isley, O'Kelly Isley & Rudolph Isley)
11 - Rise To The Occasion (Simon Climie, Rob Fisher & Dennis Morgan)
12 - Olympic Joy (Kashif)

Executive Producer : Clive Davis
Executive Music Supervisor : Gary Borman
Digitally Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

01 - Olympic Spirit

John Williams
Composed & Conducted by John Williams
Produced by John Williams

02 - One Moment In Time

Whitney Houston
Produced & Arranged by Narada Michael Walden for Perfection Light Productions
Vocal Arrangement by Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston : Vocals
Narada Michael Walden : Drums
Walter Afanasieff : Keyboards
Randy Jackson : Moog Synthesizer
Bongo Bob Smith : EMU SP 12 Percussion, Programming & Sampling
Vernon 'Ice' Black : Guitar
Ren Klyce : Fairlight CMI
Background vocals : Karen Brewington, Jim Gilstrap, Jeanie Tracy, Claytoven Richardson, Walter Hawkins, Rosie Gaines, Lynette Stephans
London Symphony Orchestra Arranged & Conducted by Michael Gibbs
Studios :
Tarpan Studios, San Rafael, CA
Nippies Studio, Mendham, NJ
Air Recording Studios, London, England
Engineers :
David Frazer
Assistants : Dana J. Chappelle, Alan Snelling (Recorded London Symphony Orchestra), Karl Lever, Lance Phillips
Vocal Engineering : Lincoln Clapp (Whitney's Vocals)
Additional Vocal Engineering : Jon Jacobs (Whitney)

03 - Fight (No Matter How Long)

The Bunburys
Produced by Barry Maurice Gibb, Brian Tench & Dave Mackay
Studios :
The Factory, Woldingham, England
Comfort's Place Studio, Lingfield, England
Brian Tench : Remixing at Comfort's Place

04 - Indestructible

Four Tops
Produced & Arranged by Bobby Sandstrom for Starsong Productions
Executive Producer : Steve Barri
Four Tops :
Levi Stubbs : Lead vocal
Abdul 'Duke' Fakir : First Tenor Vocal
Lawrence Payton : Second Tenor, Second Lead vocal
Renaldo 'Obie' Benson : Baritone, Bass Vocal
Smokey Robinson : Additional Lead vocal
Bobby Sandstrom : Keyboards
Michael Landau : Guitar
Jeff Steel : Bass
John 'JR' Robinson : Drums
Studios :
Le Gonks West, Hollywood, CA
Monkey Dust Studios, Granada Hills, CA
Engineers :
Eric Zobler, Bobby Sandstrom, Tony Peluso & Terry Christian
Second Engineer : Mitch Gibson
Mix Engineer : Eric Zobler
Production Coordinators : Gail Pierson & Julie Barri

05 - Reason To Try

Eric Carmen
Produced by Michael Lloyd* & Eric Carmen
Executive Producer : Jimmy Ienner 
*for Mike Curb Productions
Arranged by Michael Lloyd
Eric Carmen : Vocals
Michael Thompson : Guitars
Dennis Belfield : Bass
Michael Lloyd & John D'Andrea : Synthesizers
Matt Sorum : Drums
Michael Fisher : Percussion
Dave Boruff : Saxophone
Background vocals : Jim Haas, Mark Hudson, Oren Waters, Kipp Lennon
Studios :
Music Grinder Studios, Los Angeles
Heaven Studios, Los Angeles
Mixed at The Village Recorders, West Los Angeles
Mixed by Carmine Rubino, Dan Nebenzal, Michael Lloyd, Jimmy Ienner
Carmine Rubino, Dan Nebenzal
Assistant Engineer : Johnny Valentino

06 - Shape Of Things To Come

Bee Gees
Produced by Barry, Maurice & Robin Gibb
Barry Gibb : Vocals, Guitar
Maurice Gibb : Vocals, Keyboards
Robin Gibb : Vocals
Middle Ear, Miami, FL
Engineers :
Scott Glasel
Programmer : Scott Glasel
Remixing : (Mayfair) Brian Tench

07 - Peace In Our Time

Jennifer Holliday
Produced by Wayne Brathwaite for Zomba Management, Inc.
Jennifer Holliday : Vocals
Eric Rehl : Keyboard & Synthesizer Programming
Bobby Wooten : Keyboards
Wayne Brathwaite : Bass, Keyboards & Programming
Ira Siegel : Guitar
John Mahoney : Synclavier Programming
Jeff Smith : Saxophone
Terry Silverlight : Drums
Background vocals : Curtis King, Brenda White, Stephanie James, Will Downing
Studios :
39th Street Music, NYC
Atlantic Studios, NYC
Skyline Studios, NYC
Engineers : Rick Keer
Assistant Engineer (39th Street) : Greg Y.
Assistant Engineer (Atlantic) : Noah Barron

08 - Willpower

Taylor Dayne
Produced by Ric Wake for Bleux Productions
Arranged by Rich Tancredi & Ric Wake
Tayloe Dayne : Vocals
Rich Tancredi : Keyboards
Bob Cadway : Guitar
Jerry Hey : Trumpet (Arrangements)
Gary Grant : Trumpet
Bill Reichenbach : Trombone
Dan Higgins  : Saxophone
Ric Wake : Drum Programming
Background vocals : Phillip Ingram, Phil Perry
Studios :
Cove City Sound Studios, Long Island, NY
Mixed at Shakedown Studios, NYC
Overdubs at Ocean Way Recording Studios, Los Angeles
Mixing & Recording Engineer : Bob Cadway

09 - That's What Dreams Are Made Of

Odds & Ends
Produced by Jim Vallance
Llory McDonald : Vocals
Dave Plenn : Guitar
Jim Vallance : Bass
Mickey Curry : Drums
Jim Nasium : Keyboards
Studios / Engineers :
Jim Scott at Village Recorders, Los Angeles / Studio Ultimo, Los Angeles
Jim Vallance at Distorto Studios, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Squeak Stone at Image Recording, Los Angeles
Mixing by Brian Foraker at Image Recording

10 - Harvest For The World

The Christians
Produced by Martin & Steve Young
The Christians :
Garry A. Christian : Lead vocals
Russell Christian : Saxophone, Vocals
Henry Priestman : Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Martin & Steve Young : Keyboards, Programming
Mike Bulger : Guitar
Mark Feltham : Mouth Organ
Studios :
Amazon Studios, Liverpool, England
Pink Museum, Liverpool
Fallout Shelter, London
Cocteau Twins Studio, London
Engineers : Martin & Steve Young

11 - Rise To The Occasion

Jermaine Jackson & La La
Produced by David Z in Association with Ricky Peterson
Ricky Peterson : Keyboards, Bass, Drums & Percussion
Lee Blaske & Matt Fink : Keyboards
Levi Seacer Jr. & O. Nicholas Raths : Guitars
David Z : Drums & Percussion
Bob Malach : Saxophone
Background vocals : The Jets, La La & Jermaine Jackson
Studios :
Paisley Park Studio, Minneapolis, MN & M.J.J. Studios, Encino, LA
Mixed by Calvin L. Harris at Cal Harris Recording Studios, Woodland Hills, CA

12 - Olympic Joy

Produced by Kashif
All Instruments & Vocals by Kashif
Recorded & Mixed at Marathon Studios, NYC
Mixed by Darroll Gustmachio at Visual Sound Design, Inc.