Honeymoon Suite "Hands Up" (2017) -AOR / Pop Rock-

Label : Powertrain Records

Canada 01 - Hands Up (Derry Grehan & Johnnie Dee)
02 - Like The Stars (Johnnie Dee, Derry Grehan & Sean Kelly)
03 - Never Was A Forever (Johnnie Dee, Derry Grehan & Sean Kelly)
04 - Market Square (Johnnie Dee, Derry Grehan & Sean Kelly)
05 - One Step Closer (Johnnie Dee, Derry Grehan & Sean Kelly)
06 - Hey Deanna (Derry Grehan & Johnnie Dee)
07 - 1986 (Johnnie Dee, Derry Grehan & Sean Kelly)
08 - Burning In Love (Live) (Derry Grehan)
09 - New Girl Now (Live) (Derry Grehan)

Produced by Johnnie Dee & Derry Grehan

Johnnie Dee : Lead vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Derry Grehan : All Guitars, Keyboards, Background vocals
Dave Betts : Drums
Gary Lalonde : Bass
Peter Nunn : Keyboards

Additional Musicians :
Leah Marlene : Vocals on "Market Square"

Tracks Recorded & Mixed by David Henriques at Coalition Sound, Toronto, Ontario, March, 2015 - September, 2016
Additional Recording by :
Neil Morrissey at The Bunker, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Derry Grahan at Wacko Sound, Bloomington, Il.
Randy Orr au Brockville, Ontario
"Burning In Love" & "New Girl Now" Courtesy of the Andy Kim Christmas Show
Recorded Live at the Phoenix Club, Toronto, Ontario on December 09/2015 by Doug McClement from Live Wire Recorders & Mixed by Steve Major from Verge Music