Far Corporation "Division One / Solitude" (2019) -AOR / Westcoast Rock-

Label : Sony Music Entertainment

États-Unis 'Division One' (1985)


01 - Stairway To Heaven (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant)
02 - You Are The Woman (Dietmar Kawohl, Johan Daansen & Peter Bischof)
03 - One Of Your Lovers (Candy de Rouge, Gunther Mende, M.D. Clinic & Mary S. Applegate)
04 - Live Inside Your Dreams (Candy de Rouge & Frances Agpoon)


01 - Johnny Don't Go The Distance (David Malin)
02 - Fire And Water (Andy Fraser & Paul Rodgers)
03 - If You Could See You Through My Eyes (Bobby Kimball)
04 - No One Else Will Do (Bobby Kimball)
05 - Rock'n'Roll Connection (Bobby Kimball)

'Solitude' (1994)


01 - Rainy Days (Ken Taylor & Robert Musenbichler)
02 - She's Back Again (Frank Farian, P.G. Wylder & Bobby Kimball)
03 - Solitude (Steve Cassini & Glen Morrow)
04 - You Never Have To Say You Love Me (Frank Farian, Johan Daansen & Peter Bischof-Fallenstein)
05 - Full Moon (Steve Cassini & John Seath-Smith)


01 - Rikki Don't Lose That Number (Donald Fagen & Walter Becker)
02 - Just A Wish (Scott Gorham & Leif Johansen) 
03 - Hole In The Air (Steve Cassini & Marty Kolesnyk)
04 - Sebastian (Steve Harley)
05 - You Change My Life (Ken Taylor & Robert Musenbichler)

'Division One' (1985)

Lead vocals : Bobby Kimball, Robin McAuley, Henry Gorman, David Barreto
Guitars : Steve Lukather, Mats Bjorklund, Bernd Berwanger, Johan Daansen
Bass : Dieter Petereit 
Keyboards : David Paich, Pit Low, Harry Baierl
Sax : Mel Collins
Drums : Curt Cress, Simon Phillips

Produced by Frank Farian for IMP Productions

Arrangements & Computer Programming Mats Bjorklund, Pit Low
Backing vocals : Peter Bischof, Bertl Gebhard, Bimey Oberreit, Frank Farian
Gospel Choir : The Jackson Singers

Recorded & Mixed at :
Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles 
Amigo Studios, Los Angeles 
FAR Studios, Rosbach
Engineered by Tom Knox, Edd Simony, David Bowers, Bruce Robb, Scott Church, Bernd Berwanger, Carmine Di, Tobias Freund, Michael Bestmann, Tammy Grohé

'Solitude' (1994)

Lead vocals : Bobby Kimball, Robin McAuley, Steve Cassini
Guitars : Scott Gorham, Peter Weihe, Nernd Berwanger, Mats Björklund
Bass : Leif Johansen, Al Marnie, Dieter Petereit 
Drums Simon Phillips, Curt Cress
Keyboards Glen Morrow, Low Pomanti, Harry Baierl, Pit Loew

Produced by Frank Farian for MCI Records 10/94
Production Coordination : Ingrid Segieth
Engineered by Bernd Berwanger & Tobias Freund
Recorded & Mixed at Far Studios Rosbach, Germany

Backing vocals Peter Bischof, Bimev Oberreit, Bertl Gebhard, Johan Daansen & Frank Farian