Patrick Leonard "Rivers" (1996) -Contemporary Jazz-

Label : Unitone Recordings

États-Unis Day 1 - Lewis / Shoshone (Patrick Leonard)
Day 2 - The Slough (Patrick Leonard)
Day 3 - The Lamar Valley (Patrick Leonard)
Day 4 - Boy Scouts & Cutthroats (Patrick Leonard)
Day 5 - Livingston D.C. (Patrick Leonard)
Day 6 - The Missouri (Patrick Leonard)
Day 7 - Floating With Amos (Patrick Leonard)
Day 8 - The Madison (Patrick Leonard)
Day 9 - Spring Creek (Patrick Leonard)

Patrick Leonard : Piano
John Patitucci : Bass
Luis Conte : Percussion
Sacha Patitucci : Cello

Produced by Patrick Leonard
Recorded by Bill Deaton, Marc Moreau & Michael Verdick at The Leonard House, Yuma on Caribou & Transparent Sound, respectively on April 16th, 17th, 18th, 21st & May 1st 1996
Mixed by Michael Verdick at Transparent Sound, Burbank,  CA on April 30th, May 2nd & 3rd
Mastered at Wind Over The Earth by Michael Verdick & Marc Moreau
Production Assistant : Robin Oslon

Billy Thorpe "Children Of The Sun" (1979) -AOR / Pop Rock-

Label : Capricorn Records

Royaume-Uni SIDE 1 

01 - Wrapped In The Chains (Billy Thorpe)
02 - Dream Maker (Billy Thorpe)
03 - Simple Life (Billy Thorpe)
04 - Goddess Of The Night (Billy Thorpe & Spencer Proffer)

SIDE 2    

01 - Children Of The Sun (Billy Thorpe & Spencer Proffer)
02 - We're Leaving (Billy Thorpe)
03 - We Welcome You (Billy Thorpe)
04 - Solar Anthem (Billy Thorpe)
05 - The Beginning (Billy Thorpe)

Producer : Spencer Proffer for The Pasha Music Organisation
Co-Producer : Billy Thorpe
Engineer : Larry Brown

Guitars & Vocals : Billy Thorpe
Bass : Leland 'Lee' Sklar
Drums : Alvin Taylor

Recorded & Mixed at The Pasha Music House, Hollywood, California
Additional Recording : London, England

Backing vocals :
Phil O'Kelsey : All Tracks
Randy Bishop : "Dream Maker", "Goddess Of The Night", "We're Leaving", "The Beginning"
Steve Kipner : "Wrapped In The Chains", "Simple Life", "Children Of The Sun", "We Welcome You"

Percussion, Synthesizer & Sound Effects Programming : Larry Brown
Additional Synthesizer Programming & Playing : Michael Boddicker

Technical Consultant : Ed Bannon
Second Engineer : Spencer Proffer
Assistant Engineers : James Simcik, Duane Baron, Drew Bennett, Daniel Lazerus

Sean Delaney "Highway" (1979) -AOR-

Label : Casablanca Record & Filmworks

États-Unis SIDE 1

01 - Welcome To The Circus (Sean Delaney)
02 - High On The Liquor Of Love (Sean Delaney)
03 - Somebody Love Me (Sean Delaney)
04 - Baton Rouge (Sean Delaney)
05 - Old Man (Sean Delaney)


01 - You Beat Me To The Punch (Ronald White & William 'Smokey' Robinson)
02 - Spotlights (Sean Delaney)
03 - It's Over (Sean Delaney)
04 - Walk On The Water (Sean Delaney & Peter Swevel)
05 - Dreams (Sean Delaney)

Produced by Sean Delaney & Mike Stone
Executive Engineer : Mike Stone
Assistant Engineers : John Brand (Trident), Mike Frondelli (Electric Lady), Ollie Cotton (A&R)
Tape Operator : Adam Moseley (Trident)
Symphonic Arrangements for "Old Man" & "Dreams" : Ron Frangipane
Conductor of Gospel Choir for "Walk On The Water" : Adrienne Albert
Recorded at Electric Lady Studio, N.Y., N.Y. & A&R Studio, N.Y., N.Y.
Mixed at Trident, London, England
Mastered at Sterling Sound, 'At Night' with George Marino, N.Y., N.Y.

Lead vocals : Sean Delaney
Background vocals : Lani Groves, Diva Gray, Gordon Grody, Luther Vandross, Peter Swevel, Sean Delaney & Sheenah Du Lange
Alan Schwartzberg : Drums
Neil Jason : Bass Guitar
Elliott Randall : Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter : Electric Guitar & Pedal Steel
Sean Delaney : Keyboards
Paul Shaffer : Keyboards
Paul Fleisher : Sax
Richard T. Bear : Piano on "Spotlights"
George Butcher : Piano
Julian Colbeck : Organ
Terry Thomas : Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Streetheart "Under Heaven Over Hell" (1979) -AOR / Melodic Rock-

Label : Atlantic Recording Corporation

Canada Side One

01 - Hollywood (Kenny Shields, John Hannah & Streetheart)
02 - Main Street (Paul Dean & Kenny Shields)
03 - Fight To Survive (Kenny Shields, John Hannah & Streetheart)
04 - Baby's Got A Gun (Kenny Shields, John Hannah & Streetheart)
05 - Dreaded Dotted Line (Daryl Gutheil, Kenny Shields & Paul Dean)

Side Two

01 - Star (Kenny Shields, 'Spider' Sinnaeve & Streetheart)
02 - Whose Turn Is It Tonight? (Paul Dean, Kenny Shields & Matthew Frenette)
03 - Here Comes The Night (Bert Berns)
04 - Storyteller (Mick Jagger & Keith Richards)

Daryl Gutheil : Keyboards, Vocals
John Hannah : Guitars, Vocals
Kenny Shields : Lead vocals, Percussion
'Spider' Sinnaeve : Bass, Vocals
Matthew Frenette : Traps, Percussion, Vocals

Produced by Manny Charlton
Engineer : Nick Blagona
Executive Producer :  Gary Muth
Recorded & Mixed at Le Studio, Morin Heights

Rock Rose "Rock Rose" (1979) -Melodic Rock / AOR-

Label : CBS, Inc.

États-Unis Side One

01 - Daddy's Car (Carl Johnson)
02 - Matinee Wood (Chris Barr & Carl Johnson)
03 - Bittersweet Love (Chris Barr)
04 - You've Gone Beyond (Carl Johnson)
05 - Phantom Lover (Frank Demme & Carl Johnson)

Side Two

01 - Diary Of Fools (Dennis Lambert & Brian Potter)
02 - Sad Thing (Chris Barr)
03 - Slippin' (Chris Barr)
04 - Rock Rose (Carl Johnson)

Produced by Dennis Lambert & Brian Potter for Haven Records, Inc.
Engineer : Matt Hyde

Chris Barr : Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Jack D'Amore : Drums, Vocals
Frank Demme : Bass, Vocals
Carl Johnson : Lead Guitar

Additional Engineering : Jay Lewis
Assistant Engineer : Gary Boatner
Recorded at United/Western Recorders, Los Angeles, CA
Remixed at United/Western Recorders, Los Angeles, CA & Jennifudy Recording Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Mastered at The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, CA
Mastering Engineer : Mike Reese

Additional Musicians :
Ken Lindsey : Organ
Michael Boddicker : Synthesizers

01 - Daddy's Car

Jack D'Amore : Lead vocal

02 - Matinee Wood

Jack D'Amore : Lead vocal

03 - Bittersweet Love

Chris Barr : Lead vocal

04 - You've Gone Beyond

Jack D'Amore : Lead vocal

05 - Phantom Lover

Chris Barr : Lead vocal

Side Two

01 - Diary Of Fools

Jack D'Amore : Lead vocal

02 - Sad Thing

Chris Barr : Lead vocal

03 - Slippin'

Jack D'Amore : Lead vocal

04 - Rock Rose

Jack D'Amore : Lead vocal

Nick Gilder "Frequency" (1979) -AOR / Power Pop-

Label : Chrysalis Records

Royaume-Uni Side One

01 - (You Really) Rock Me (Nick Gilder & James McCulloch)
02 - Time After Time (Nick Gilder & James McCulloch)
03 - Metro Jets (Nick Gilder & James McCulloch)
04 - Electric Love (Nick Gilder & James McCulloch)
05 - The Brightest Star (Nick Gilder & James McCulloch)

Side Two

01 - Watcher Of The Night (Nick Gilder & James McCulloch)
02 - Worlds Collide (Nick Gilder & James McCulloch)
03 - Hold On Me Tonight (Nick Gilder & James McCulloch)
04 - Into The 80's (Nick Gilder & James McCulloch)

Nick Gilder : Lead vocals
James McCulloch : Lead Guitar & Synthesized Guitar
Jamie Herndon : Keyboards, Synthesizer, Guitar, Background vocals
Eric Nelson : Bass Guitar & Background vocals
Craig Krampf : Drums, Percussion & Background vocals

Produced by Peter Coleman for Chinnichap
Recorded at MCA/Whitney Studios
Assistant Engineer : Doug Schwartz
Mastered at MCA/Whitney Studios by Steve Hall

Max Webster "A Million Vacations" (1979) -AOR / Progressive Rock / Melodic Rock-

Label : Anthem Records / Capitol Records


01 - Paradise Skies (Kim Mitchell & Pye Dubois)
02 - Charmonium (Terry Watkinson)
03 - Night Flights (Terry Watkinson)
04 - Sun Voices (Kim Mitchell & Pye Dubois)
05 - Moon Voices (Kim Mitchell)


01 - A Million Vacations (Gary McCracken & Pye Dubois)
02 - Look Out (Kim Mitchell & Pye Dubois)
03 - Let Go The Line (Terry Watkinson)
04 - Rascal Houdi (Kim Mitchell & Pye Dubois)
05 - Research (At Beach Resorts) (Kim Mitchell & Pye Dubois)

Max Webster :
Kim Mitchell : Guitar & Lead vocals
David Myles : Bass & Vocals
Gary McCracken : Drums, Percussion, Vocals & Lead vocals on "A Million Vacations"
Terry Watkinson : Keyboards, Vocals & Lead vocals on "Let Go The Line" & "Charmonium"

Pye Dubois : Lyricist

Additional Vocals : Carla Jensen, Judy Donnelly
Conga & Shakers : Dick Smith
String Arrangements : Bill Misener

Produced by John de Nottbeck & Max Webster for Anthem Records / A Taurus Production
Recorded at Phase One Studios, Scarborough, Ontario
Engineer : Mark Wright
Mixed at Soundstage, Toronto, Ontario
Mixing Engineer : David Greene
Mastered at Master Disc, New York
Mastered by Bob Ludwig

Pipedream "Pipedream" (1979) -AOR-

Label : ABC Records

États-Unis SIDE ONE

01 - Part Of It All (Ben Schultz & Willy Daffern)
02 - Love Don't Come Easy (Ben Schultz, Willy Daffern & Glenn Symmonds)
03 - Only Cause (Tim Bogert, Steve Perry & Denver Cross)
04 - Heather (Willy Daffern & Tim Bogert)
05 - Feel Free (Tim Bogert, Ben Schultz, Jan Uvena & Willy Daffern)


01 - Dance On Baby (Tim Bogert & Steve Perry)
02 - Rosalie (Willy Daffern, Tim Bogert, Ben Schultz & Jan Uvena)
03 - How Long (Ben Schultz, Willy Daffern, Tim Bogert & Jan Uvena)
04 - Lazy Lucy (Ben Schultz, Tim Bogert, Willy Daffern & Jan Uvena)
05 - Lies (Ben Schultz, Tim Bogert & Willy Daffern)

Produced by John Stronach with Special Assistance by Ben Schultz & Tim Bogert
All Songs Arranged by Pipedreeam with Special Assistance from John Stronach
Recorded at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA
Engineers : John Stonach, Ron Alvarez, Bruce Brown, Bill Elswick
Mastered ay Kendun Recorders, Burbank, CA
Engineer : Jo Hansch

Tim Bogert : Lead vocal, Bass
Ben Schultz : Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Organ, Magic Bag, Plucking 
Jan Uvena : Drums, Vocals, Syndrums, Tablas, Piano, Percussion
Willie Dee : Lead vocals, Percussion
Barry Kaye : Harpsichord

Strings Arranged by Ben Schultz & Arti Atenzer
Strings Conducted by Arti Atenzer

Trevor Rabin "Trevor Rabin" (1978) -AOR / Melodic Rock-

Label : Chrysalis Records

Afrique du Sud SIDE ONE 

01 - Getting To Know You Better (Trevor Rabin)
02 - Finding Me A Way Back Home (Trevor Rabin)
03 - All I Want Is Your Love (Trevor Rabin)
04 - Live A Bit (Trevor Rabin)


01 - Fantasy (Trevor Rabin)
02 - Stay With Me (Trevor Rabin)
03 - Red Desert (Trevor Rabin)
04 - Painted Picture (Trevor Rabin)
05 - Love Life (Trevor Rabin)

All Instruments Played by Trevor Rabin
Except Drums by Kevin Kruger

Recorded at RPM & Re-Mixed at Wessex Studios, London by Gary Edwards
Produced by Trevor Rabin

Baby Grand "Ancient Medicine" (1978) -AOR / Pop Rock / Westcoast Rock-

Label : Arista Records

États-Unis SIDE ONE

01 - All Night Long (Rob Hyman, David Kagan, Rick Chertoff, Eric Bazilian & Beth Medoway)
02 - Much Too Much (Rob Hyman & David Kagan)
03 - Weekend In New Jersey (Rob Hyman & Eric Bazilian)
04 - Runner In The Rain (Rob Hyman & David Kagan)


01 - Walk Away Renée (Michael Brown, Tony Sansone & Bob Calilli)
02 - Right Here, Right Now (Rob Hyman & David Kagan)
03 - Flame In The Wind (Rob Hyman & David Kagan)
04 - It's Not A Figure Salon (Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian David Prater & Carmne Rojas)

Baby Grand :
David Kagan : Lead vocals
Rob Hyman : Piano, Organ & Harmonies
Eric Bazilian : Guitars & Harmonies
Carmine Rojas : Bass Guitar
David Prater : Drums

Castanets & Vibes : Rick Chertoff
Saxophone : Gregg Scott

Produced by Rick Chertoff & Rob Hyman
An Alchemy Production
Arrangements by Baby Grand & Rick Chertoff
Engineer : William Wittman
Assistant Engineer : Tim Bomba
Recorded & Mixed at Soundmixers, New York City
Mastering : Craig Vlair in Abbey Road Studios, London
Additional Engineering on "Flame : Gerald Block, Andy Abrams, Jim Douggherty
Additional Recording at Sigma Sound, New York
Umbria Tapes : Chris Gately

American Tears "Powerhouse" (1977) -AOR / Westcoast Rock-

Label : CBS, Inc.

États-Unis Side One

01 - Slow Train (Mark Mangold)
02 - Promise To Be Free (Mark Mangold)
03 - Listen (Can You Feel It) (Mark Mangold)
04 - Lookin' For Love (Mark Mangold)

Side Two

01 - Can't Keep From Cryin' (Mark Mangold)
02 - Don't Give It Away (Mark Mangold)
03 - Say You'll Stay (Mark Mangold)
04 - Last Chance For Love (Mark Mangold)

Produced by American Tears

American Tears :
Mark Mangold : Keyboards, Lead vocals ("Don't Give It Away", "Last Chance For Love"), Backing vocals
Craig Evan Brooks : Guitars, Lead vocals
Kirk Powers : Bass, Backing vocals
Glenn Kithcart : Drums, Percussion

Recorded & Mixed at House of Music, West Orange, New Jersey
Recording Engineers : Jim Bonnefond, Charles Conrad, Jeffrey Kawolek
Recording Assistant : Cliff Hodsdon
Remix Engineer : Jeffrey Kawolek
Disc Cutting : Stu Romain at Columbia Recording Studios, New York

We acknowledge the cooperation of Travis Bean (Bass), Kramer (Guitars), Premier Drums, Octave Cat Synthesizer, Manny's, & Richie Lanard and Lisa Waught of Star Sound, and thank them for their professional courtesies

Stallion "Hey Everybody" (1977) -AOR / Pop Rock-

Label : Casablanca Record And Filmworks

États-Unis Side 1

01 - Atlanta (Danny O'Neil)
02 - Let Me Love You (Jorg Gonzalez)
03 - Good Friend (Wally Damrick)
04 - No One Knows (Jorg Gonzalez)
05 - Bye Bye (Jorg Gonzalez)

Side 2

01 - Hey Everybody (Jorg Gonzalez)
02 - Silent Tears (Wally Damrick & Danny O'Neil)
03 - Leaders Of The World (Danny O'Neil, Jorg Gonzalez, Wally Damrick, Buddy Stephens & Dik Darnell)

Executive Producer : Larry Harris
Produced & Engineered by Dik Darnell / An Etherean Production
Recorded & Mixed at Pyramid Peak Studios, Denver
Assistant Engineers : Steve Clark & Larry Skaja 
Remote Recordings by Ken Kohl & Larry Thompson
Mastering by Allen Zentz, Hollywood
Engineer : Brian Gardner

Guest Appearance by :
Paul Vastola : Moog 
All of our dear friends in the Pyramid Peak Choir, especially the children : Nicole, Chad, Tae, Bene, Shannon & the wonders of the Poly-Moog

Stallion :
Wally Damrick : Keyboards, Moog, Arp & Vocals
Jorg Gonzalez : Bass & Vocals
Buddy Stephens : Congas, Percussion & Vocals
Danny O'Neil : Guitar
Larry Thompson : Drums & Percussion

Wiggy Bits "Wiggy Bits" (1976) -AOR / Melodic Rock-

Label : Polydor Records

États-Unis Side One

01 - Free To Ride The Wind (Peppy Castro, Mike Maniscalco & Rich Cernigla)
02 - Oh Captain (Mike Ricciardella & Rich Cernigla)
03 - Lies (Peppy Castro, Mike Ricciardella & Rich Cernigla)
04 - Ellie (Mike Ricciardella, Rich Cernigla & Peppy Castro)
05 - Place In The Sun (Peppy Castro)

Side Two

01 - Wiggy (Peppy Castro, Mike Ricciardella, Mike Maniscalco & Dennis Santiago)
02 - Love Track (Rich Cernigla & Peppy Castro)
03 - Alone Again (Peppy Castro)
04 - Bad Situation (Peppy Castro, Mike Ricciardella & Rich Cernigla)
05 - I'll Write You Off (Mike Ricciardella & Peppy Castro)

Produced by Sandy Linzer with Peppy Castro, Mike Ricciardella & Rich Cerniglia
Recorded at Record Plant
Sound Engineers : Jimmy Iovine & David Thoener
Mixing Engineer : Carmine Rubino
Assistant Engineers : Thom Panunzio & Sam Ginsberg
Mastering : Sterling Sound by George Marino

Wiggy Bits : Peppy Castro, Mike Ricciardella, Rich Cernigla, Dennis Santiago, Mike Maniscalco

Jimmy Ryser "Jimmy Ryser" (1990) -AOR / Pop Rock-

Label : Arista Records

États-Unis 01 - Climbing Out (Jimmy & Diane Ryser)
02 - Same Old Look* (Jimmy & Diane Ryser)
03 - Slow Down (Jimmy & Diane Ryser)
04 - Wishing And Waiting* (Jimmy & Diane Ryser)
05 - Benny (Jimmy & Diane Ryser)
06 - Rain Came** (Jimmy & Diane Ryser)
07 - Through My Eyes*** (Timothy Drury)
08 - Prophesize (Jimmy & Diane Ryser)
09 - Soul Breaks Free (Jimmy Ryser)
10 - Come Home (Jimmy & Diane Ryser)
11 - Show Us The Way° (Jimmy & Diane Ryser)
12 - Truth Among The Lies (Jimmy & Diane Ryser)
13 - I Am° (Jimmy & Diane Ryser)

°Bonus Cut Available only on CD

Produced by David Kershenbaum at Powertrax, Hollywood, CA
Engineered & Mixed by Ross Hogarth at Powertax
Additional Engineering by Kevin Smith
Assisted by Marty Lester & Martin Schmelze

*Produced by Jim Vallance at Distorto Studios, Vancouver, Canada
Engineered by Manuel Distorto
Mixed by David Leonard at The Grey Room, Los Angeles, CA
Assisted by Micajah Ryan

**Produced by David Kershenbaum at Powertrax
Additional Production by David Leonard at Can Am Studios, North Hollywood
Assisted by John Jackson & Toby Wright
Mixed by David Leonard at The Grey Room at One On One Studios, North Hollywood
Assisted by Micajah Ryan

***Produced & Engineered by David Leonard at Belmont Mall, Bloomington, Indiana
Assisted by Rick Fettig
Additional Recording by Jim Vallance at Distorto Studios
Mixed by David Leonard at Summa Studios & Village Recorder Studios, Los Angeles
Assisted by Charlie Brocco

Mastered at Futuredisc, Los Angeles by Steve Hall

The Band is :
Jimmy Ryser : Lead & Background vocals, 6 & 12-String Volbrecht Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Taggart Mandolins & Violin
Greg Finke : Drums
Jeff Hedback : Bass
Jeff Pedersen : Piano, B-3 Organ & Keyboards
Keith Skooglund : Guitars & Background vocals

Special Guests :
"Climbing Out"
Percussion : Kenny Aronoff
Background vocals : Rick Seratte
"Same Old Look"
Keyboards, Programming & Percussion : Jim Vallance
"Wishing And Waiting"
Keyboards, Programming, Percussion, Background vocals : Jim Vallance
Bass : Doug Edwards
"Rain Came"
Fretless Bass : Larry Klein
Pedal Steel Guitar : Dan Dugmore
"Through My Eyes"
Background vocals : Mike Wanchic
"Soul Breaks Free"
Background vocals : Rick Seratte
"Come Home"
Percussion : Kenny Aronoff
Background vocals : Loey Nelson
"Show Us The Way"
Background vocals : Rick Seratte
"Truth Among The Lies"
Fretless Bass : Larry Klein
Percussion : Brian Kilgore
"I Am"
Percussion : Brian Kilgore
Background vocals : Loey Nelson

All Song Arrangements by Jimmy Ryser


Glass Tiger "The Thin Red Line" (1986) -AOR / Pop Rock-

Label : Manhattan Records

Canada 1

01 - Thin Red Line (Glass Tiger)
02 - Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) (Glass Tiger & Jim Vallance)
03 - Closer To You (Glass Tiger)
04 - Vanishing Tribe (Glass Tiger)
05 - Looking At A Picture (Glass Tiger & Gerald O'Brien)


01 - The Secret (Glass Tiger)
02 - Ancient Evenings (Glass Tiger)
03 - Ecstacy (Glass Tiger)
04 - Someday (Glass Tiger & Jim Vallance)
05 - I Will Be There (Glass Tiger)
06 - You're What I Look For (Glass Tiger)

Produced by Jim Vallance
Mixed by Ed Thacker
Phase One Studios / Toronto
Assisted by Randy Staub
Mastered by Bob Ludwig
Recorded at :
Sounds Interchange / Toronto
Engineered by Mike Jones
Assisted by Angelo Civiero
Le Studio / Morin Heights
Engineered by Paul Northfield
Assisted by Robert Digioia
Distorto Studios / Vancouver
Engineered by Jim Vallance

"The Secret" Produced & Mixed by Sam Reid

Glass Tiger is :
Alan Frew : Vocals
Sam Reid : Keyboards
Al Connelly : Guitars
Wayne Parker : Bass
Michael Hanson : Drums

Background vocals by Michael Hanson, Marc Lafrance, Paul Janz, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance, Delbello, Sharon Lee Williams

Additional Keyboards by Jim Vallance
Arrangements by Glass Tiger, Jim Vallance & Gerald O'Brien
Additional Guitars by Keith Scott
Additional Bass by Doug Edwards (on "Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)")
Harmonica by David Pickell
Horns by Chase Sanborn, Charles Gray, Russ Little

Adrenalin "Road Of The Gypsy" (1986) -AOR-

Label : MCA Records

États-Unis Side One

01 - Road Of The Gypsy (From The Motion Picture 'Iron Eagle') (Adrenalin)
02 - Northern Shores (Adrenalin)
03 - Broken Hearted Bound (Adrenalin)
04 - Summer Nights (Adrenalin)

Side Two

01 - Faraway Eyes (Adrenalin)
02 - The Kid's Got A Will To Live (Adrenalin)
03 - The Pressure's On (Adrenalin)
04 - Michael (Adrenalin)
05 - Photograph (Time Passes On) (Adrenalin & David Larson)

Produced by Vini Poncia for Mad Vincent Productions
Engineering & Remix by Bob Schaper
Additional Engineering by Chris Isca
Recorded at Boogie Hotel, Port Jefferson, New York
Additional Recording & Remix at :
Phase One, Toronto, Ontario
Assistants : Bill Kennedy & Garth Richardson
Studio A. Detroit, Michigan
Assistant : Eric Morgeson
Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, California
Assistant : Stephen Shelton

Guest Musicians on "Summer Nights :
Gerald O'Brien : Emulator
Scott Humphrey : Emulator

Mastered by Greg Fulginiti at Artisan Sound Recorders

Adrenalin :
Marc Gilbert : Lead vocals
Bruce Schafer : Bass & Backing vocals
Michael Romeo : Lead, Rhythm & 12 String Guitars, Backing vocals
Jimmy Romeo : Alto & Tenor Saxophones, Backing vocals
Brian Pastoria : Drums, Percussion & Backing vocals
Mark Pastoria : Piano, Synthesizers & Backing vocals

Saga "Behaviour" (1985) -AOR-

Label : Polydor Records

États-Unis Side One

01 - Listen To Your Heart (Michael Sadler & Jim Crichton)
02 - Take A Chance (Jim Crichton & Jim Gilmour)
03 - What Do I Know? (Jim Crichton & Jim Gilmour)
04 - Misbehaviour (Michael Sadler, Jim Crichton, Ian Crichton, Steve Negus & Jim Gilmour)
05 - Nine Lives Of Miss Midi (Jim Gilmour & Steve Negus)
06 - You And The Night (Michael Sadler & Jim Crichton)

Side Two

01 - Out Of The Shadows (Michael Sadler & Jim Crichton)
02 - Easy Way Out (Jim Gilmour, Michael Sadler, Ian Crichton, Steve Negus & Jim Crichton)
03 - Promises (Michael Sadler,  Jim Crichton & Jim Gilmour)
04 - Here I Am (Michael Sadler,  Jim Crichton & Jim Gilmour)
05 - (Goodbye) Once Upon A Time (Michael Sadler,  Jim Crichton, Ian Crichton, Steve Negus & Jim Gilmour)

Michael Sadler : Lead vocal & Keyboards
Jim Crichton : Bass Guitar & Keyboards
Jim Gilmour : Lead Keyboards
Ian Crichton : Guitar
Steve Negus : Drums, Percussion, Electronic Percussion

Vocals on "What Do I Know?" : Sharon Benson

Produced by Saga & Peter Walsh
Engineered by Peter Walsh
Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas ; Powerplay Recording Studios, Zurich, Switzerland ; Union Studios, Munich, West Germany
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Jack Skinner

Taxxi "Exposé" (1985) -AOR / Pop Rock-

Label : MCA Records

Royaume-Uni Side One

01 - Still In Love* (Taxxi)
02 - Losing Her** (Taxxi)
03 - Who Knows Me** (Taxxi)
04 - Russian Roulette** (Taxxi)
05 - Lipstick** (Taxxi)

Side Two

01 - Forever* (Taxxi)
02 - The Real Thing* (Taxxi)
03 - Guessing Games° (Taxxi)
04 - I'm No Angel° (Taxxi)
05 - Double Edged Blade° (Taxxi)

David Cumming : Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer
Jeffrey Nead : Acoustic & Electronic Drums, Percussion
Colin Payne : Keyboards, Background vocals

*Produced by John Ryan for Chicago Kid Productions
**Co-Produced by John Ryan for Chicago Kid Productions & Tom Dowd
°Produced by Tom Dowd

Additional Musicians :
Bass : Randy Jackson
Guitars : Danny Chauncey, David Resnik, David Williams, Brad Gillis
Keyboards : Mike Utley, Mitchell Froom, Nicky Hopkins, Greg Smith, Jay Burnett
Background vocals on "Lipstick" : Danny Chauncey, Randy Jackson, Randall Foote, 'The Cabs' (Phil, Danny, Jeffrey, Colin, David)
Saxophones : Keith Crossan, Jeff Smith

Engineered by Phil Kaffel, Tom Size, Steven Hart, Jeff Harris, Bob Schaper, Doug Schwartz, Jay Burnett, Andy Wallace & Joe Chiccarelli
Remixed by Jay Burnett & John Ryan at Shakedown, New York, NY, except :
°Mixed by Tom Dowd & Phil Kaffel at Fantasy, Berkeley, CA
Fairlight : Jeff Harris & John Ryan at Village, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Greg Fulginiti at Artisan Sound, Hollywood, CA

April Wine "Walking Through Fire" (1985) -AOR / Melodic Rock-

Label : Capitol Records

Canada Side One

01 - Rock Myself To Sleep (Kimberley Rew & Vince de la Cruz)
02 - Wanted Dead Or Alive (Jeff Cannata & Michael Soldan)
03 - Beg For Your Love (Eddie Schwartz)
04 - Love Has Remembered Me (Myles Goodwyn)
05 - Anejo (Myles Goodwyn)

Side Two

01 - Open Soul Surgery (Jim Vallance)
02 - You Don't Have To Act That Way (Myles Goodwyn)
03 - Hold On (Myles Goodwyn)
04 - All It Will Ever Be (Myles Goodwyn)
05 - Wait Any More (Myles Goodwyn)

Myles Goodwyn : Lead & Background vocals, Guitar
Brian Greenway : Guitar, Background vocals
Daniel Barbe : Keyboards
Jean Pellerin : Bass
Marty Simon : Drums

Produced by Lance Quinn for Quinn-Mann Productions
Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau
Additional Recording at Warehouse, Philadelphia, PA
Mixed at Power Station, NYC
Recording Engineer : Chris Goreham
Additional Recording Engineers : Obie O'Brien & Mal
Assistant Engineers : Big Al Greaves, John Cianci
Mixing Engineer : Neil Dorfsman
Assistant Engineer : Steve Boyer
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

Autograph "That's The Stuff" (1985) -AOR / Melodic Rock-

Label : RCA Victor

États-Unis Side A

01 - That's The Stuff (Steve Plunkett, Steve Lynch, Steve Isham, Randy Rand & Keni Richards)
02 - Take No Prisoners (Steve Plunkett & Mike Post)
03 - Blondes In Black Cars (Steve Plunkett & Keni Richards)
04 - You'll Get Over It (Steve Plunkett, Keni Richards & Douglas Foxworthy)
05 - Crazy World (Steve Plunkett & Steve Lynch)

Side B

01 - Six String Fever (Don Brewer)
02 - Changing Hands (Steve Plunkett & Douglas Foxworthy)
03 - Hammerhead (Steve Lynch)
04 - Built For Speed (Steve Plunkett, Randy Rand, Steve Lynch, Keni Richards & Steve Isham)
05 - Paint This Town (Steve Plunkett & Keni Richards)

Produced by Autograph & Eddie DeLena
Engineered by Eddie DeLena
2nd Engineer : Craig Engel
Mixed by Dave Wittman
Recorded & Mixed at Record Plant, L.A.
Basic Tracks Produced by Autograph & Tom Treumuth
Mastered at Precision Lacquer by Stephen Marcussen

Autograph is :
Steve Plunkett : Lead vocals & Guitar
Randy Rand : Bass & Vocals
Steve Lynch : Lead Guitar & Frets
Keni Richards : Drums & Noises
Steven Isham : Keyboards & Vocals

Eddie And The Tide "Go Out And Get It" (1985) -AOR-

Label : ATCO Records

États-Unis Side One

01 - What Love Is All About (Steve 'Eddie' Rice & Eddie Money)
02 - Call My Name (Steve 'Eddie' Rice)
03 - One In A Million (Steve 'Eddie' Rice)
04 - Just Need A Little Rock (Steve 'Eddie' Rice)
05 - Go Out And Get It (Steve 'Eddie' Rice)

Side Two

01 - Runnin' Wild, Runnin' Free (Steve 'Eddie' Rice & Eddie Money)
02 - This Could Be The One (Steve 'Eddie' Rice)
03 - This Girl (Steve 'Eddie' Rice)
04 - Looking For Excitement (Steve 'Eddie' Rice)
05 - It's A Gift (Steve 'Eddie' Rice)

All Songs Arranged by Eddie And The Tide & Eddie Money except "One In A Million" Arranged by Eddie And The Tide & Bobby Corona
Additional Background vocals for "Go Out And Get It" by Annie Sampson
Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California
Engineered by Richie Corsello
Assistant Engineer : David Luke
Additional Engineering : Tom Size
Synthesizer Programming : Eddie Ulibarri
Studio Coordination : Greg Lowry
Mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios
**Produced & *Re-mixed by Bobby Corona
Produced by Eddie Money & Bobby Corona
***Produced by Eddie Money

Johnny Perri : Lead Guitars & Background vocals
George Diebold : Bass
Eddie Rice : Rhythm Guitars & Lead vocals
Cazz McCaslin : Keyboards & Synthesizers
Scott Mason : Drums & Background vocals

Bachman Turner Overdrive "BTO" (1984) -AOR / Melodic Rock-

Label : Compleat Entertainment Corporation

Canada Side 1

01 - For The Weekend (Randy Bachman)
02 - Just Look At Me Now (C.F. Turner & Tim Bachman)
03 - My Sugaree (Randy Bachman)
04 - City's Still Growin' (C.F. Turner)

Side 2

01 - Another Fool (Randy Bachman)
02 - Lost In A Fantasy (Randy Bachman)
03 - Toledo (C.F. Turner)
04 - Service With A Smile (Randy Bachman)

Produced by Bachman Turner Overdrive
Recorded & Mixed at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Recorded & Mixed by Dave Slagter
Second Engineer : Patrick Glover

Randy Bachman : Lead Guitar & Vocals
C.F. Turner : Bass Guitar & Vocals
Tim Bachman : Rhythm Guitar & Background vocals
Garry Peterson : Drums, Percussion & Background vocals
William MacCalder : Piano on "My Sugaree", "Service With A Smile" & "For The Weekend"
Denise McCann : Background vocals on "For The Weekend"

White Sister "White Sister" (1984) -AOR / Melodic Rock-

Label : EMI America

États-Unis Side One

01 - Don't Say That You're Mine° (Dennis Churchill, Garri Brandon & Rick Chadock)
02 - Straight From The Heart° (Dennis Churchill, Garri Brandon & Rick Chadock)
03 - Love Don't Make It Right° (Dennis Churchill, Garri Brandon, Rick Chadock & Gregg Giuffria)
04 - Breakin' All The Rules# (Dennis Churchill, Garri Brandon & Rick Chadock)
05 - Whips°° (Ricky Phillips, Fergie Frederiksen & Punky Meadows)

Side Two

01 - Can't Say No*° (Dennis Churchill, Garri Brandon & Rick Chadock)
02 - Promises*° (Dennis Churchill, Garri Brandon & Rick Chadock)
03 - Walk Away°° (Dennis Churchill, Garri Brandon & Rick Chadock)
04 - One More Night*°° (Dennis Churchill, Garri Brandon, Rick Chadock & David Glen Eisley)
05 - Just For You**°° (Dennis Churchill, Garri Brandon & Rick Chadock)

Rick Chadock & Dennis Churchill Play Kramer Guitars & Basses

All Guitars : Rick Chadock
All Bass : Dennis Churchill
All Drums : Richard Wright
All Keyboards & Synthesizers : Garri Brandon
Background vocals on All Songs : Rick Chadock, Dennis Churchill, Garri Brandon
Additional Background vocals on "Love Don't Make It Right" : April, Brett, French, Jason, Christine, John, Rich, Brian
Additional Background vocals on "Promises" : Gregg & April
Percussion on "Can't Say No" : Joe Lala
Linn Drums Programmed by Gregg Giuffria
Additional Keyboards on "Walk Away" & "Whips" by Gregg Giuffria

Produced & Arranged by Gregg Giuffria
All Songs Recorded at One On One Studios, Noth Hollywood, CA
Engineered by Steve MacMillan
2nd : John Hanlon
Except :
*Recorded at Cherokee Studios, Hollywood, CA
Engineered by George Tutko
2nd : Steve Hirsh
**Recorded at Fidelity Studios, Studio City, CA
Engineered by Cliff Zellman
2nd : Steve Lang
°Mixed at Total Access Studios, Redondo Beach, CA by Michael Wagener
°°Mixed at Fidelity Studios, Studio City, CA by Cliff Zellman
#Mixed at The Record Plant, L.A., CA by George Tutko

Side One

01 - Don't Say That You're Mine

Lead vocal : Dennis Churchill

02 - Straight From The Heart

Lead vocal : Garri Brandon

03 - Love Don't Make It Right

Lead vocal : Garri Brandon

04 - Breakin' All The Rules

Lead vocal : Dennis Churchill

05 - Whips

Lead vocal : Dennis Churchill

Side Two

01 - Can't Say No

Lead vocal : Dennis Churchill

02 - Promises

Lead vocal : Dennis Churchillll

03 - Walk Away

Lead vocal : Garri Brandon

04 - One More Night

Lead vocal : Garri Brandon

05 - Just For You

Lead vocal : Garri Brandon

Tom Teeley "Tales Of Glamour And Distress" (1984) -AOR-

Label : A&M Records

États-Unis SIDE ONE

01 - Shangri-La (Tom Teeley)
02 - Victoria (Tom Teeley)
03 - A Rocket And A Roman Candle (Tom Teeley)
04 - Remember Gina (Bill Teeley & Tom Teeley)
05 - She Got Away (Tom Teeley)


01 - Tales Of Glamour And Distress (Tom Teeley)
02 - Long Way To Heaven (Tom Teeley)
03 - Bobalu (Tom Teeley)
04 - Woman In Love (Tom Teeley)
05 - Heartland (Tom Teeley)

Produced by Neil Kernon & Tom Teeley
Engineered by Neil Kernon
Mixed by Dave Thoener
Recorded with LeMobile at Irving Plaza, N.Y.C.
Assistant Engineer : Clifford Bonnell
Additional Recording : Bullet Creative Group, Nashville
Assistant Engineer : Danny Mundhenk
Additional Recording & Re-mixes :
Record Plant, N.Y.C.
Engineered by Dave Thoener
Assistant Engineer : Jim Ball
"Long Way To Heaven" Produced by Tom Teeley at Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, N.Y.
Engineered by Ray Niznik
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, N.Y.C.

All Songs Written, Arranged & Performed by Tom Teeley except :
"Remember Gina" Lyrics by Bill Teeley, Music by Tom Teeley
Memory Moog Solo on "Heartland" by Jan Hammer
Saxophone on "Remember Gina" & "Shangri-La" by Charlie DeChant
Timbales on "She Got Away", Spoons on "A Rocket And A Roman Candle" by Bob Miller
Percussion on "Tales Of Glamour And Distress" by Russell Velasquez
Oberheim System Programming by Neil Kernon

Holly Woods & Toronto "Assault & Flattery" (1984) -AOR-

Label : Solid Gold Records

Canada Side One

01 - New Romance (Holly Knight & Anton Fig)
02 - Kerry Anne* (Holly Woods, Scott Kreyer & Mike Gingrich)
03 - Sometimes Change (Holly Woods & Scott Kreyer)
04 - Look What's Showing Through (Eddie Schwartz)
05 - Bang Your Head (Holly Woods, Scott Kreyer, Mike Gingrich & Jeff Gilhart)

Side Two

01 - Desperation (Holly Woods, Scott Kreyer, Paul Hannah, Daryl Alvaro & Mike Gingrich)
02 - Assault & Flattery (Holly Woods, Scott Kreyer, Tim McCauley & Mike Gingrich)
03 - Cats And Dogs (Stealin') (Holly Woods, Scott Kreyer & Mike Gingrich)
04 - No More Cliches° (Holly Woods & Too Loud McLeod)

Produced by Mike Flicker for Mike Flicker Productions Inc. & Tim McCauley
*Co-Produced by Holly Woods & Scott Kreyer
Mixed by Tony Bongiorvi
°Produced & Mixed by Too Loud MacLeod
Assistant Engineers : Michael Baskerville & Rolf Henneman
Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto, Ontario
Arranged by Tim McCauley, Scott Kreyer, Mike Flicker & Holly Woods

Holly Woods : Lead & Backing vocals
Scott Kreyer : Prophet, Hammond B-3, DX-7, Piano & OB-8
Mike Gingrich : Bass
Marty Walsh : Guitar (Lead & Rhythm)
Paul Hanna : Drums

Daryl Alvara : Additional Guitars
Tim McCauley : Additional Keyboards, DMX, DSX & OB-8 Programming
Phil Kenzie : Sax
Lenny Castro : Percussion
John Coury : Backing vocals & Vocal Arrangements
CeCe Bullard, Nick Cerro & Liz Lausanne : Backing vocals
Darby Mills : Duet Vocal on "Cats And Dogs (Stealin')"
Too Loud MacLeod : Guitar on "Cats And Dogs (Stealin')"