Rydholm Säfsund "Kaleidoscope" (2024) -AOR / Westcoast Rock-

Label : GodisPåScen

Suède 01 - Now And Forever (Anders Rydholm)
02 - Hey You (Anders Rydholm & Lars Säfsund)
03 - What's Not To Love (Anders Rydholm, Jay Graydon & Lars Säfsund)
04 - Seven Signs Of Love (Anders Rydholm)
05 - Don't Make Me Do It (Anders Rydholm)
06 - 4th Of July (Anders Rydholm)
07 - The Bet (Anders Rydholm)
08 - Sara's Dream (Anders Rydholm)
09 - Bucket List (Anders Rydholm)
10 - The Plains of Marathon (Anders Rydholm)
11 - Kaleidoscope (Anders Rydholm)
12 - Love Will Find A Way (Anders Rydholm & Lars Säfsund)

Musicians :
Anders Rydholm : Bass, Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards 
Lars Säfsund : Lead & Background vocals, Synth Solo on "Love Will Find A Way", Bass-Synth on "Don't Make Me Do It" 

Frank Nilsson : Drums
Joel Kibble : Background vocals on "Seven Signs Of Love"
Kristian Larsen : Guitar Solos 
Robert Säll : Guitar Solo on "The Plains Of Marathon" 
Tim Pierce Guitar Solo on"4th Of July"
Stefan Olofsson : Piano on "What’s Not To Love"
Wojtek Goral : Sax Solo on "What’s Not To Love", "Don't Make Me Do It", "Bucket List"
Håkan Malmberg : Sax Solo on "Sara's Dream" 
Pelle Holmberg : Rhythm Guitar on "Love Will Find A Way", Guitar Solo on "Bucket List" 
Matt Bissonette : Bass on "Now And Forever" 
Ola Af Trampe : Rhythm Guitar on "Now And Forever" 
Larry Salzman : Percussion 
Nicolas Lazo Zubieta : Congas on "Now And Forever" 
Pablo Cepeda : Congas & Bongos on "Sara's Dream" 
Martin VerDonk : Percussion on "Love Will Find A Way", "What's Not To Love" 

Tom Walsh : Lead Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Mike Davies : Trumpet 
Nichol Thompson : Trombone 
Fredrik Wiklund : Trombone on "4th Of July", "The Bet", "Love Will Find A Way"

Horns on "Now And Forever" 
Chuck Findley : Lead Trumpet
Charlie Davies : Trumpet
Gary Herbig : Saxophone
Nick Lane : Trombone
Joackim Wickström : Trumpet (Verse 2) 

Produced & Arranged by Anders Rydholm & Lars Säfsund 
Horn Arrangements : Anders Rydholm & Tom Walsh 
Horn arrangement on "Hey You" : Tom Walsh 
Horn arrangement on "Now And Forever" : Anders Rydholm 
Recorded & Mixed in GodisPaScen Studio, 2021 - 2024, by Anders Rydholm 
Additional Recording by Lars Säfsund, Frank Nilsson, Frank Rosato, Tom Walsh, Kristian Larsen, Wojtek Goral, Pelle Holmberg, Tim Pierce, Matt Bissonette, Larry Salzman, Martin Verdonk, Pablo Cepeda