Sadao Watanabe "Maisha" (1985) -Smooth Jazz / Jazz Funk-

Label : Elektra / Asylum Records

Japon 01 - What's Now (Sadao Watanabe)
02 - Men And Women (Brenda Russell & Sadao Watanabe)
03 - Road Song (Sadao Watanabe)
04 - Times We Shared (Sadao Watanabe)
05 - Good News (Sadao Watanabe)
06 - Desert Ride (Sadao Watanabe)
07 - Tip Away (Brenda Russell & Sadao Watanabe)
08 - Stray Birds (Sadao Watanabe)
09 - Maisha (Sadao Watanabe)
10 - Paysages (Sadao Watanabe)

Produced by Sadao Watanabe for M&M Music, Inc.
Recorded at One On One Studios, North Hollywood, January & February, 1985
Engineered by Geoff Gillette
Assisted by Peter T. Lewis
Re-mixed at CBS Sony Roppongi Studios, Tokyo, February & March, 1985
Engineereed by Yoshihiro Suzuki
Assisted by Tetsuya Morioka
Mastered by Mitsuharu Kobayashi

Musicians :
Sadao Watanabe : Sopranino on "Desert Ride", Flute on "Maisha", Alto Saxophones on All Other Selections
Don Grusin : Keyboards on "Desert Ride", "Men And Women", "Maisha", "Stray Birds", "Road Song", "Tip Away", "Times We Shared", Yamaha CP-80 Solo on "Times We Shared"
Russell Ferrante : Keyboards on "What's Now", "Paysages", "Good News"
Carlos Rios : Guitar on all The Selections except "What's Now", "Good News"
David Williams : Guitar on "What's Now", "Good News"
Nathan East : Bass on all The Selections except "Desert Ride", "Stray Birds", "Times We Shared", Vocal on "Good News"
Jimmie Johnson : Bass on "Desert Ride", "Stray Birds", "Times We Shared"
Harvey Mason : Drums on all The Selections except "What's Now", "Good News"
John 'JR' Robinson : Drums on "What's Now", "Good News"
Paulinho Da Costa : Percussion on all The Selections except "What's Now"

Guest Vocal Performance by Brenda Russell on "Men And Women ", "Tip Away"
Guest Solo Performance by Herbie Hancock - Yamaha DX-1 & Clavinet on "What's Now", "Paysages "
Horns on "What's Now", "Good News"
Jerry Hey : Trumpet
Gary Grant : Trumpet
Bill Reichenbach : Trombone
Larry Williams : Saxophone
Arranged by Jerry Hey
Rhythm Arrangement :
Sadao Watanabe on "Desert Ride", "Paysages", "Times We Shared"
Sadao Watanabe & Don Grusin on "Road Song", "Tip Away"
Don Grusin on "Maisha", "Stray Birds", "Men And Women"
Russell Ferrante on "What's Now", "Good News"