Norman Connors "Take It To The Limit" (1980) -Westcoast Soul / Smooth Soul-

Label : Arista Records

États-Unis 01 - Take It To The Limit (Phyllis St. James)
02 - Melancholy Fire (David DeMarco)
03 - You've Been On My Mind (Shelby Flint)
04 - I Don't Need Nobody Else (Lou Coutney)
05 - Justify (David Lasley)
06 - Black Cow (Walter Becker & Donald Fagen)
07 - You Bring Me Joy (David Lasley)
08 - Everywhere Inside Of Me (Leon Ware)

Produced by Norman Connors for Norman Connors Productions, Inc.
Directions in Music by Norman Connors 
Orchestrated, Arranged & Conducted by McKinley Jackson "Black Cow", Rhythm Arrangement on "Take It To The Limit" & "Melancholy Fire" (Vocal Arrangement on "Black Cow" : Eric Butler), Paul Riser : String & Horn Arrangements on "Take It To The Limit" & "Melancholy Fire"
"You've Been On My Mind", "I Don't Need Nobody Else", "Justify", "You Bring Me Joy" Arranged & Conducted by Al Johnson
"Everywhere Inside Of Me" Arranged & Conducted by Jerry Peters
Vocal Production by Norman Connors & Jean Carn
Production Assistant : Gerald Roberts
Recorded at Kendun Recorders, Burbank, California
Recording & Mixing Engineer : Jackson Schwartz
Assistant : Ron Avarez
Mastered at Kendun Recorders by John Golden

Norman Connors : Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Background vocals
Adaritha : Lead vocals on "Take It To The Limit", "You've Been On My Mind", "Justify", "You Bring Me Joy"
Glenn Jones : Lead vocals on "Melancholy Fire"
Al Johnson : Lead & Background vocals on "I Don't Need Nobody Else"

Guest Musicians 
Jean Carn : Background vocals
The Jones Girl : Background vocals
Gary Bartz : Soprano & Alto Sax Solos & Coloring
Jerry Peterson : Soprano Sax Solo & Coloring on "You've Been On My Mind"
Freddie Hubbard : Flugelhorn Solo on "Black Cow"

Starship Orchestra
Billy McCoy : Keyboards
Buzzy Jones : Tenor
Munyungo Jackson : Percussion
Leon Ware : Vocals & Background on "Everywhere Inside Of Me"
Marlene Jeter, Gwen Mathews, Alex Brown, Norman Connors, Jim Gilstrap, Venetta Fields, Eric Butler : Background vocals

Keyboards : Bobby Lyles, Sonny Burke, Billy McCoy, John Barnes, Jerry Peters
Drums : James Gadson
Woodwinds : Ralph Jones, Don Myrick, Bill Greene, John Kip
Guitars : David T. Walker, Marlo Henderson
Bass : Nathan East, Byron Miller (on "Melancholy Fire")
Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa, Munyungo Jackson
Trumpets : Oscar Brashear, Eric Butler, Bobby Bryant, Nolan Smith
Trombones : George Bohannon (Horn Contractor), Garnet Brown
French Horns : Allen Robinson, Sidney Muldrow
String Concert Master : Harry Bluestone
String Contractor : Ben Barrett
Harp : Dorothy Ashby