Lauren Stalnecker ‎"Hymn To Him" (1989) -CCM-

Label : Frontline Records

États-Unis 01 - Hymn To Him (Lauren Stanelcker)
02 - City Of Gold (Lauren Stanelcker)
03 - Prayerfully (Lauren Stanelcker)
04 - Love Will Conquer All (Lauren Stanelcker)
05 - The Great I Am (Lauren Stanelcker)
06 - Yes To This Life (Lauren Stanelcker)
07 - Every Grain Of Sand (Lauren Stanelcker)
08 - Heaven (Lauren Stanelcker)
09 - You Made The Difference In Me (Lauren Stanelcker)
10 - Stand Up (Lauren Stanelcker)

Produced by Bill Baumgart
Co-Produced by Tim Heintz
Recorded at Mixing Lab A, Garden Grove, CA ; Mixing Lab B, Huntington, Beach, CA & Jedi Masters, Cypress, CA
Engineered by Dave Jahnsen, Bill Baumgart, Tim Heintz
Mixed by Dave Jahnsen

Keyboards : Tim Heintz, Lauren Stalnecker
Guitar : Marty Walsh
Drums : David Huff
Backup Vocals : Allison Beach, Bill Baumgart