Lauren Wood "Cat Trick" (1981) -Westcoast Rock-

 Label : Warner Bros. Records

États-Unis 01 - Breakin' Too Many Hearts (Lauren Wood)
02 - In The Dark (Lauren Wood & Allee Willis)
03 - Work On It (Lauren Wood)
04 - Half As Much (Lauren Wood & Mark Pelsone)
05 - Never Been So In Love (Lauren Wood)
06 - What I'd Give For Love (Lauren Wood)
07 - Fallen (Lauren Wood)
08 - We're On To Something (Lauren Wood)
09 - Ain't Got Nothin' For Me (Lauren Wood & Allee Willis)
10 - Dark December Night (Lauren Wood)

Produced by Peter Bunetta & Rick Chudacoff for Ripe Productions
Engineer : Gary Brandt
Recorded & Mixed at Alpha Studios, North Hollywood, Calif.
Additional Recording at Ocean Way Studio, Hollywood, Calif.
Assistant Engineer : Mark Ettel
Mastered at The Mastering Lab by Mike Reese

Horns & Strings Arranged & Conducted by Bill Elliott
"Dark December Night" Arranged by Novi Novog
Concertmaster : Sid Sharp
All Synthesizers Programmed by Michael Boddicker

Lauren Wood : Vocals, Fender Rhodes & Background vocals on "Fallen" & Acoustic Piano on "Dark December Night"
Bill Elliot : Fender Rhodes & Acoustic Piano, Synthesizer on "Breakin' Too Many Hearts" & "What I'd Give For Love", Clavinet on "Never Been So In Love" & Yamaha CP30 on "What I'd Give For Love"
Brian Ray : Guitars
Rick Chudacoff : Bass, Grand Piano on "What I'd Give For Love" & String Ensemble
Peter Bunetta : Drums, Percussion on "Half As Much"
Alan Estes : Percussion, Congas on "Half As Much", Timpani on "What I'd Give For Love" & "Dark December Night" & Marimba on "Work On It"
Arnold McCuller, Arno Lucas, Leslie Smith & Tommy Funderburk : Background vocals

Carrie Baron : Bass on "Work On It", "Never Been So In Love" & "We're On To Something"
Joe Kelly : Guitar on "Never Been So In Love" & "We're On To Something"
Novi Novog : Viola on "Breakin' Too Many Hearts" & "Ain't Got Nothin' For Me"
Larry Treadwell : Additional Guitar on "Breakin' Too Many Hearts" & "Ain't Got Nothin' For Me"
Sumner Mering : Additional Guitar on "Breakin' Too Manu-y Hearts"
George Sopuch : Additional Guitar on "In The Dark" & "Half As Much"
Airto Moreira : Percussion on "Work On It" & "Fallen"
Arno Lucas : Tambourine & Shaker on "Half As Much" & Bells on "We're On To Something"
John Bergamo : Tabla on "What I'd Give For Love"
Michael Boddicker : Vocoder & Synthesizer on "What I'd Give For Love"
Mark Pelsone : Oberheim on "We're On To Something"
Jerry Hey & Gary Grant : Trumpets on "In The Dark", "Never Been So In Love" & "What I'd Give For Love" & Flugelhorns on "Half As Much"
Bill Reichenbach : Trombone on "In The Dark" & "Never Been So In Love"
Gary Herbig & Phil Ayling : Saxes on "In The Dark" & Piccolos on "What I'd Give For Love"
David Woodford : Sax on "Fallen"
Robbie Dupree : Duet Vocals on "Work On It"
Tata Vega : Background vocals on "Half As Much" & "Never Been So In Love"
Kindra Koury : Background vocals on "Never Been So In Love"