Van Stephenson "Righteous Anger" (1984) -AOR-

  Label : MCA Records

États-Unis 01 - Modern Day Delilah (Van Stephenson & Jan Buckingham)
02 - I Know Who You Are (And I Saw What You Did) (Van Stephenson & Jan Buckingham)
03 - What The Big Girls Do (Van Stephenson, Jan Buckingham & Steve Buckingham)
04 - Don't Do That (Van Stephenson & Phil Brown)
05 - Others Only Dream (Van Stephenson, Jeff Silbar & Dave Robbins)
06 - Righteous Anger (Van Stephenson & Dave Robbins)
07 - The Cure Will Kill You (Van Stephenson & Dave Robbins)
08 - You've Been Lied To Before (Van Stephenson & Jan Buckingham)
09 - Heart Over Mind (Van Stephenson & Dave Robbins)
10 - All American Boy (Van Stephenson & Dave Robbins)

Produced by Richard Landis for Outlandis Productions
Recorded by Warren Dewey, Joe Chiccarelli & David Cole
Recorded at Capitol Recording Studios, assisted by Gene Wooley; Ocean Way Recording, Assisted by Mark Ettel & Doering Studios, Assisted by Jo Ellen Doering
Strings Recorded by Allen Sides
Strings Arranged by Jeremy Lubbock
Mixed by Joe Chiccarelli at Capitol Studios, assisted by Gene Wooley, except "Don't Do That", by Michael Verdick at Channel Recording, Burbank, CA
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc, NY

Vocals : Van Stephenson
Drums : Mike Baird
Bass : Dennis Belfield
Guitars : Dann Huff
Keyboards & Synthesizers : Alan Pasqua
Additional Guitars : Kenny Mims & George Doering
Additional Keyboards : Mike Hanna
Percussion : Richard Landis
Additional Background vocals : Tom Kelly, Bill Champlin, Phil Brown