Aldo Nova "Twitch" (1985) -AOR / Melodic Rock-

Label : Epic Records / CBS Records / Portrait Records

Drapeau du Canada 01 - Tonite (Lift Me Up) (Aldo Nova & Tom DeLuca)
02 - Rumours Of You (Aldo Nova)
03 - Surrender Your Heart (Aldo Nova & Tom DeLuca)
04 - If Looks Could Kill (Aldo Nova, Nicky Prigeno & Rod McManus)
05 - Heartless (Myles Hunter)
06 - Long Hot Summer (Mark Radice)
07 - Fallen Angel (Aldo Nova & Jesse Bradman)
08 - Stay (Aldo Nova & Tom DeLuca)
09 - Lay Your Love On Me (Aldo Nova & Paul Kayen)
10 - Twitch (Aldo Nova & Michael Rudetsky)

Produced & Arranged by Aldo Nova for Growling Guitars, Inc.
Co-Produced by Lenny Petze for Red Sox Music Productions, Inc.
Engineered & Mixed by Brian McGee
Recorded at :
Kingdom Sound (NY) March 6 to June 1
Assisted by Joe Chiofalo
The Hit Factory (NY) June 6 to July 25
Assisted by Michael Abbott
Mixed at The Hit Factory by Brian McGee
First The Players...
Lenny Petze played Special EFX Guitar on "Long Hot Summer" & Castanets on "Surrender Your Heart"
Neil Jason played the Bass 'And what a bass it was' on everything
Billy Carmassi played the Drums on "Lay Your Love On Me"
Allan Schwartzberg played the Drums on "Fallen Angel"
Anton Fig played the Drums on "Heartless"
David Lebolt played Additional Keyboards on "Surrender Your Heart", "Fallen Angel" & "Stay"
Robbie Kilgore played Additional Synths on "Long Hot Summer"
Michael Rudetsky played & programmed the Fairlight on "Long Hot Summer" & "Twitch"
Paul 'The Doctor' Kayen & Aldo Nova played all The Guitars
Fiona Flanagan - Background vocals on "Rumors Of You", "Lay Your Love On Me" & "Surrender Your Heart"
Peppy Castyro, Bobby Christianson & Michael Bolton did stand-up comedy & Background vocals
Dwight Druick : Vocal Coordination
Angela Clemmons did Background vocals on "If Looks Could Kill", "Rumors Of You" & "Surrender Your Heart"
And "Yours Truly" did just about everything else Linn Drum & Synthesizers Programmed by Aldo Nova