John Lovick Turner "John Lovick Turner" (1973) -Country Rock / Soft Rock-

Label : Polydor Records

États-Unis 01 - Take Me Back* (John Lovick Turner)
02 - Tomcat Blues (John Lovick Turner)
03 - Washaway (John Lovick Turner)
04 - Cowboy On The Run (John Lovick Turner)
05 - Go To Sleep (John Lovick Turner)
06 - What You Are (Prelude The Neatest Thing What You Are) (John Lovick Turner)
07 - Absolutely Faithful (John Lovick Turner)
08 - Dark Lady (John Lovick Turner)
09 - Nothing's Wrong (John Lovick Turner)

Thanks to :
Max Bennett / Bass
Daniel Ben Zebulon / Congas
Mike Berowitz / Drums
Larry Carlton / Guitar
Ed Greene / Drums
Tom Hensley / Piano
Larry Knechtel / Piano, Organ
Jay Lewis / Rhythm Guitar
Gary Mallaber / Drums
John Mulkey / Bass
Dean Parks / Guitars, Rhythm Guitar
Leland 'Lee' Sklar / Bass
Gary Talley / Guitar
John Lovick Turner / Synthesizer, Rhythm Guitar
Roy Yeager / Drums

A Special Thanks To :
Will Boulware / Piano, Synthesizer, Drums

Engineers : Robert Appére, Rick Heenan, Tommy Vicari
Clover Recorders
Sound City
Sound Labs

Produced by Eddie Reeves
For Market Place Productions
*Produced by Eddie Reeves & Dick Halligan
Additional Production Supervision by Lee Lasseff