Micki "Look Again" (1981) -CCM / Westcoast Rock-

Label : DaySpring Records

États-Unis 01 - Look Again (Micki Fuhrman)
02 - People Call Him Jesus (Mac McAnally)
03 - I Stick With Winners (Micki Fuhrman)
04 - God Is Missing A Child* (Micki Fuhrman)
05 - I Never Would Have Made It Without You (Tom Brasfield, Robert Byrne & Kevin Lamb)
06 - Hold On (Tony Brown & Paul Overstreet)
07 - Biblesong (Open Me)* (Micki Fuhrman)
08 - Trouble, You Can't Fool Me (F. Knight & A. Varnell)
09 - You're The Reason (Ken Harding, David Lehman & Jerry Michael)
10 - You Lead The Way (Micki Fuhrman)
11 - Now That I've Found Your Love (Ken Smith)

Produced by Tony Brown
*Produced by David Kent

Keyboards : Clayton Ivey, Bobby Ogdin, Shane Keister & Tony Brown
Guitars : Jon Goin, Robert Byrne, Mac McAnally, Pete Bordonali & Kenny Mims
Bass : Tom Robb
Percussion : Mickey Buckins
Drums : Kenneth Buttrey, Buster Phillips, Gunnar Gelotte & Hayward Bishop
Horns : Harvey Thompson, Harrison Calloway Jr., Ron Eades & Charles Rose
Strings : The Sheldon Kurland Strings
Background Vocalists :
Robert Byrne, Hershey Reeves & Marie Clark
Clayton Ivey & Mac McAnally on "Trouble, You Can't Fool Me"
String Arrangements by Kristin Wikinson
*String Arrangements by Charles Rose & Clayton Ivey

Recorded at The Sound Lab, Creative Workshop & Young'un Sound Studio, Wishbone, Inc.
Engineering by Jim Cotton, David Cherry, Todd Cerney, Stan Dacus & Alan Schulman
Mixed at Wishbone, Inc.
Engineering by Alan Schulman
Assistant Engineering by Les Daley
Mastering by Hank Williams at Woodland Sound Studios