Jackson Browne "Hold Out" (1980) -Westcoast Rock-

 Label : Elektra / Asylum Records

Drapeau de l'Allemagne Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Disco Apocalypse (Jackson Browne)
02 - Hold Out (Jackson Browne)
03 - That Girl Could Sing (Jackson Browne)
04 - Boulevard (Jackson Browne)
05 - Of Missing Persons (Jackson Browne)
06 - Call It A Loan (David Lindley & Jackson Browne)
07 - Hold On Hold Out (Craig Doerge & Jackson Browne)

Produced by Jackson Browne & Greg Ladanyi
Recorded by Greg Ladanyi
Assisted by Jim Nipar, George Ybarra, Serge Reyes, Niko Bolas, Karen Siegal, Brent Averill & James Ledner
Recorded at The Sound Factory, Los Angeles & Record One, Los Angeles
Mixed at Record One, Los Angeles
Mastering at Doug Sax, Mastering Lab, Los Angeles

Musicians :
Russ Kunkel : Drums
Bob Glaub : Bass
Craig Doerge : Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Organ, String Synthesizer & Acoustic Piano on "Hold On Hold Out'
David Lindley : Electric Guitars & Lap Steel Guitars
Bill Payne : Organ on "Disco Apocalypse", "Hold Out", "Of Missing Persons " & String Synthesizer on "Hold On Hold Out"
Doug Haywood & Rosemary Butler : Vocals
Rick Marotta : Drums on "Boulevard" & High Hat And Toms on "That Girl Could Sing"
Jackson Browne : Vocals, Acoustic Piano & Electric Guitar

Doves on "Disco Apocalypse" Joe Lala
Maraccas on "Boulevard" Danny Kortchmar
Thanks to the Moog And David Horns for "Hold Out"

Special Thanks to Rick Marotta, Danny Kortchmar, Andrew Hold & Lowell George for their help in arranging this album

Advise & Consent : Craig Doerge