Ben Sidran "Don't Let Go" (1974) -Jazz-Funk-

Label : Blue Thumb Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Fat Jam (James P. Cooke)
02 - House Of Blue Lites (Freddie Slack & Don Raye)
03 - Ben Sidran's Midnite Tango (Ben Sidran)
04 - The Chicken Glide (Ben Sidran & James P. Cooke)
05 - She's Funny That Way (Neil Moret & Richard A. Whiting)
06 - Monopoly (Bud Powell)
07 - Don't Let Go (Ben Sidran)
08 - Hey Hey Baby (James P. Cooke)
09 - The Foolkiller (Mose Allison)
10 - The Funky Elephant (Ben Sidran, James P. Cooke, Kip Merklein & Clyde Stubblefield)
11 - Snatch (Ben Sidran)
12 - Down To The Bone (Ben Sidran)

Drums & Percussion : Clyde Stubblefield, George Brown, Phil Upchurch
Bass : Phil Upchurch
Guitar : James P. Cooke, Phil Upchurch
Harmonica : Jerry Alexander
Alto Sax : Bunky Green
Tenor Sax : Sonny Seals
Strings Aranged by Les Hooper
Horns Arranged by Sonny Burke
Piano & Vocals : Ben Sidran

Kip MerkleinBass on "The Funky Elephant"
Randy Fullerton : Bass
Jim Peterman : Organ
Tom Piazza : Drums on "Hey Hey Baby"

Recorded in Madison, Chicago & Los Angeles
Special Thanks to Mad Marty Feldman at Paragon, Will at F.C.S.S., Bruce Botnick The Great, James P. Cook, & The One And Only Judy

Produced by Bulldog Productions, Inc.