Riopelle "Saving Grace" (1974) -Country Rock / Soft Rock-

Label : ABC Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Livin' The Life* (Jerry Riopelle & Stuart Margolin)
02 - Why Do I Always Leave Home?* (Stuart Margolin & Jerry Riopelle)
03 - Naomi's Song* (Jerry Riopelle)
04 - Buyin, Beggin'And Stealin'+ (Jerry Riopelle & Stuart Margolin)
05 - Shoulder To The Wheel* (Stuart Margolin & Jerry Riopelle)
06 - Blues On My Table (Stuart Margolin)
07 - Like I Used To Do*** (Stuart Margolin, Jerry Riopelle & Murray MacLeod)
08 - You And I** (Jerry Riopelle)
09 - Doodley Doo* (Jerry Riopelle & Stuart Margolin)
10 - Silly Old Gigolo** (Jerry Riopelle)
11 - Fools Together** (Jerry Riopelle)
12 - Roll With The Feelin'++ (Jerry Riopelle)

Jerry Riopelle : Stomp Piano, Wurlitzer & Rhythm Guitar
David Glenn : Lead Guitar & Slide Guitar
Drums : Freddy Pappalardo & Jim Gordon
Accordion : Nick DeCaro
Bass : John Harris, Wilton Felder & Lyle Ritz
Fiddle : Byron Berline
Sax & Congas : Rich Tilles
Cello : Edgar Lustgarten
Orchestrator : James Prigmore
Background vocals : Clydie King, Dave 'The Dutchman', Salt Springs Slim, Long John Harris, Oren Waters, Joe Greene & Murray MacLeod
Percussion : Emmitt Siniard, Franklin James, E. Richards, Angelina Riopelle, Pablito, 'The Gruffer', Billy & Frankie, Margy Kidder, Dreyf, Cathy, Steve Escallier, Phil, Lenore, Shelley, Cat, Lonesome Margolin, The Mighty Quinn, Na na na Naomi
Producers :
*Harvey Gruferman, Dave Plenn & Jerry Riopelle
**Rich Tilles & Jerry Riopelle
***Stuart Margolin & Jerry Riopelle
+Stuart Margolin, Harvey Grufferman & Jerry Riopelle
++Keith Olsen, Siniard & Jerry Riopelle
Rich Tilles - "Fools Together", "You & I" "Stilly Old Gigolo" & "Blues On My Table" Recorded at Devonshire
All Other Pieces Recorded at Sound City with Keith Olsen
Special thanks to K.O. for production advice a re-mixes on All Pieces
2nd - Steve Escallier
Mastered at Kendun Recorders