Jerry Riopelle "The Second Album" (1972) -Soft Rock-

Label : Capitol Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Candy Barr (Jerry Riopelle & Stuart Margolin)
02 - No Expectations (Mick Jagger & Keith Richards)
03 - Talk To Me (Jerry Riopelle)
04 - I'll Be Glad To Take The Blame (Jerry Riopelle)
05 - Roll With The Feelin' (Jerry Riopelle)
06 - Silver Dollar (Jerry Riopelle & Stuart Margolin)
07 - Rubber Band Man (Jerry Riopelle & Gerry Gibson)
08 - Nickels And Dimes (Jerry Riopelle, Stuart Margolin & Tod)
09 - Positively Sober (Jerry Riopelle & Tod)
10 - Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (Hank Williams)

Dave Plehn : Lead Guitar
'Mellow' Milo Toole : Drums
Gerry Gibson : Drums on "Rubber Band Man"
John Harris : Bass on "Silver Dollar", "No Expectations", "Rubber Band Man" & "I'll Be Glad To Take The Blame"
John Zigler : Bass on "Candy Barr" & "Positively Sober"
Jim Hall : Bass on "Nickels And Dimes"
Jim Horn : Saxophone
Nick DeCaro : Accordion
Milt Holland : Congas
Jerry Riopelle : Stomp Piano & Acoustic Guitar

Stompers : Mike Dunnigan, Frank James, Naomi Rosebud, Davy St. John, Emmitt Siniard, Angela the Amazing, Paul the Impossible, 'You Oughta Go See' Dreyfus, 'Is You Wild' John Candy Barr, Stusy, Jimmy, Candy & Joel

Produced by Jerry Riopelle for 'The Orphanage" & Portofino Productions
Special thanks to Jim Hall for Arrangements & Faith
Recorded at The Record Plant in Los Angeles
Mixing Engineer : Rich Tilles
Re-Mix Engineers : John Henning & Rich Tilles