Jerry Riopelle "Jerry Riopelle" (1970) -Soft Rock / Country Rock-

Label : Capitol Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - We Can Go The Distance (Jerry Riopelle)
02 - She My Woman (Jerry Riopelle)
03 - Darlin' Daughter (Jerry Riopelle)
04 - 100 Proof Hi-Way Romance (Jerry Riopelle & D. St John)
05 - Promenade (Jerry Riopelle)
06 - Elaine (Jim Hall)
07 - Take A Chance (Jerry Riopelle, Stuart Margolin & Jim Hall)
08 - Devil's Song (Jerry Riopelle)
09 - Let's Get Loaded Like We Used To Do (Jerry Riopelle, Stuart Margolin & Murray MacLeod)
10 - Oklahoma Double Shuffle (Jerry Riopelle & Stuart Margolin)
11 - To Tell The Truth (Jerry Riopelle)

The Basic Band is :
Dave Plehn, Guitar
Jerry Gibson, Drums
Jim Hall, Bass
Jerry Riopelle on Stomp Piano & Rhythm Guitar
Special thanks to Don Landee for the mixing a ro 'Salt Springs Slim' for the guest lead on 'Loaded'
Gary Brandt also mixed several basic tracks

Stompmen : Byron Berline, Nick DeCaro, Jim Horn, Jim Messina, Murray MacLeod, Emmitt Siniard, Mike Dunnigan, France Fulgenitti, 'Hot' Doctor Eddy, Stuart & Joyce, Rich & Rooney, Being Red & Flossie Mae Brown

Produced by Jerry Riopelle for The Orphanage & Portofino Productions, Inc.