Dony McGuire "The Writer . The Singer - Inspiration" (1981) -CCM-

Label : Light Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - You Make Me Happy (Dony McGuire)
02 - Never Ending Love (Dony McGuire & Reba Rambo)
03 - He Will Provide (Rev. C. McGuire & Dony McGuire)
04 - The Inspiration (Buddy Skipper)
05 - With My Song (Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire)
06 - All The Way Back Home (Gloria Gaither & Dony McGuire)
07 - Stop This Haulin' Water (Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire)
08 - It's My Desire (?)
09 - We Are Persuaded (William & Gloria Gaither, Dony McGuire)
10 - Helpin' Me Find My Way (Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire)
11 - Because Of Whose I Am (Dony McGuire & Reba Rambo)

Executive Producer : Dony McGuire
Produced by Dony McGuire & Warren Peterson for Productions of McGuire
Vocals Produced by Reba Rambo
The Band :
Jessie Boyce : Bass Guitar
Fred Satterfield : Drums
B. James Lowry : Electric Guitars
Ron Fairchild : Synthesizers
Bill Kenner : Electric Rhythm & Mandolins
Dony McGuire : Fender Rhodes, Yamaha Electric Grand Piano & Beckstein Acoustic Piano
Dennis Solee : Sax Solo
Farrell Morris : Percussion
Background Vocalists : Reba Rambo, Rebecca Ed, Demitris Alexander & Dony McGuire
Strings Players : Sheldon Kurland, Contractor, George Binkley III, Marvin D. Chantry, Roy Christensen, Conni L. Ellisor, Carl J. Gorodetzky, Martha McCrory, Dennis W. Molchan, William W. Preucil, Gary Vanosdale, Gary M. Lawrence / Cindy Reynolds, Harp
Horn Players : Dennis Solee, George Tidwell III, Ronald E. Keller, Terry W. Williams, Quitman Dennis & Sam Levine
Rhythm Tracks & Vocals Arranged by Dony McGuire
Strings & Horns Arranged by Buddy Skipper
Recorded & Remixed by Warren Peterson
"Stop This Haulin' Water" & "Helpin' Me Find My Way" Recorded by Brent King
Assistants to the Engineers : Steve Fralick, Lee Groitzsch & Vicky Hicks
Recorded at Sound Stage Studios / Front Stage, Nashville, Tennessee
Mastered by Hank Williams at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, Tennessee