Bonnie Raitt "Souls Alike" (2005) -Soft Rock / Blue-Eyed Soul-

Label : Capitol Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - I Will Not Be Broken (Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick & Tommy Sims)
02 - God Was In The Water (Randall Bramblett & Davis Causey)
03 - Love On One Condition (Jon Cleary)
04 - So Close (Tony Arata, George Marinelli & Pete Wasner)
05 - Trinkets (Emory Joseph)
06 - Crooked Crown (David Batteau & Maia Sharp)
07 - Unnecessarily Mercenary (Jon Cleary)
08 - I Don't Want Anything To Change (Stephanie Chapman, Liz Rose & Maia Sharp)
09 - Deep Water (John Capek & Marc Jordan)
10 - Two Lights In The Nighttime (Lee Clayton & Pat McLaughlin)
11 - The Bed I Made (David Batteau & Maia Sharp)

Produced by Bonnie Raitt 
Co-Produced by Tchad Blake
Recorded & Mixed by Tchad Blake
Assisted by Scott Wiley with Additional Assistance by Kevin Dean
Recorded & Mixed at Sound Factory, Hollywood, California, Fall 2004
"Crooked Crown Recorded by Michael Rodriguez, Assisted by Ryan Doordan at Studio D., Sausalito, California, Spring 2004
Mitchell Froom Keyboards Recorded at Lairiope Studios, Santa Monica, California by David Boucher & The Sound Factory, Fall 2004
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine

Bonnie Raitt : Vocals & Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar on "I Don't Want Anything To Change"

The Band :
Jon Cleary : Wurlitzer, B3, Piano, Backing vocals ("Deep Water", "Unnecessarily Mercenary", "Love On One Condition" & "So Close), Second Rhythm Guitar ("Love On One Condition")
James 'Hutch' Hutchinson : Bass (except on "Deep Water)
Ricky Faatar : Drums & Percussion
George Marinelli : Electric & acoustic Guitars, Backing vocals ("Two Lights In The Nighttime" & "So Close")

Additional Musicians :
Mitchell Froom : Minimoog ("I Will Not Be Broken"), Rhodes ("God Was In The Water"), Dolceola ("So Close"), B3 ("I Don't Want Anything To Change"), Orchestron ("Deep Water"), Penny Osley ("The Bed I Made"), Add'l Wurlitzer ("Crooked Crown")
Maia Sharp : Backing vocals ("Crooked Crown", "I Will Not Be Broken", "God Was In The Water"), Tenor Sax ("The Bed I Made"), Baritone Sax ("Crooked Crown")
Arnold McCuller : Backing vocals ("Unnecessarily Mercenary", "Trinkets", "Deep Water" & "I Will Not Be Broken")
Sweet Pea Atkinson : Backing vocals ("Trinkets" & "Unnecessarily Mercenary")
John Capek : Loops for Drums, Percussion, Bass, Piano & Strings on "Deep Water" (Bonnie, George, Jon & Ricky played as well)
David Batteau : Guitar Synth on "Crooked Crown"