Scott Wesley Brown "SWB" (1981) -CCM-

Label : Sparrow Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Learning To Live Like Jesus (Hadley Hockensmith)
02 - Someone's Got A Hold Of Me (Marty McCall)
03 - This Little Child (Scott Wesley Brown)
04 - The Lord's Prayer (Scott Wesley Brown)
05 - Your Word (Scott Wesley Brown)
06 - Fall On Me (Bruce Hibbard)
07 - My Treasure (Scott Wesley Brown)
08 - Out On A Limb (Scott Wesley Brown)
09 - Close To You (Bruce Hibbard)
10 - Keep The Son In Your Eyes (Scott Wesley Brown)

Produced by Dan Collins
Recorded at Sound Labs, Hollywood, California
Additional Recording at MCA Whitney Studios, Glendale, CA
Mixed at MCA Whitney Studios
Engineered by Jack Joseph Puig
Second Engineer : Chip Orlando
Additional Engineering by Jonathan David Brown
Orchestra Recorded by Armin Steiner
Orchestrated & Conducted by Lee Holdridge
"The Lord's Prayer" Arranged by Bob Walters
Concert Master : Sid Sharp
Sax Solos : Pete Christlieb
Drums : Keith Edwards
Bass : Leon Gaer & Hadley Hockensmith
Keyboards : Larry Muhoberac
Guitars : Hadley Hockensmith, Bill Walker & Scott Wesley Brown
Percussion : Alex MacDougall
Background vocals : Jamie Owens-Collins, Dan Collins & Scott Wesley Brown