Cooper Brothers "Cooper Brothers" (1978) -Country Rock-

Label : Capricorn Records

Drapeau du Canada 01 - Rock And Roll Cowboys (Richard Cooper)
02 - The Dream Never Dies (Richard Cooper)
03 - Melody's In My Mind (Richard Cooper)
04 - Old Angel Midnight (Richard Cooper)
05 - Life Names The Tune - We Dance (Richard Cooper)
06 - Away From You (Richard Cooper)
07 - Portrait (Richard Cooper)
08 - Crazy Sundays (Richard Cooper)

Produced by Gary Cape for Kami Records, Inc.
Associate Producer : Richard Cooper
Recorded at Sounds Interchange, Toronto, Canada
Engineer : Mike Jones with The Assistance of Doug Neil
Vocal Arrangements by Brian Cooper & Terry King

The Group :
Brian Cooper : Bass Guitar & Lead vocals on "Melody's In My Mind", "Portrait" & "Life Names The Tune - We Dance"
Richard Cooper : Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Lead vocals on "Crazy Sundays"
Terry King : Steel Guitar & Lead vocals on "Old Angel Midnight"
Don Gregg : Lead vocal on "Rock And Roll Cowboys", "The Dream Never Dies" & "Away From You"
Al Serwa : Keyboards & Background vocals
Glen Bell : Drums, Percussion & Background vocals
Darryl Aguirre : Harmony Vocals & Percussion

Additional Musicians :
Banjo : John Saunders
Sax : Keith Jollimore
Ragtime Piano on "Crazy Sundays" : Gloves McGuinty
Dobro : Al Briscoe
Fiddle : Lenny Solomon
String Arrangements : Lenny Solomon
Flute : Charlie Robertson
Second Drummer on "Melody's In My Mind" : Steve Hollingworth
Additional Background vocals : Steve Hollingworth