Anne Murray "Something To Talk About" (1986) -Soft Rock / Contemporary Pop-

Label : Capitol Records

Drapeau du Canada 01 - Now And Forever (You And Me) (David Foster, Jim Vallance & Randy Goodrum)
02 - Who's Leaving Who (Jack White & Mark Spiro)
03 - My Life's A Dance (Jack White & Mark Spiro)
04 - Call Us Fools (Alan Roy Scott, Roy Freeland & Jill Colucci)
05 - On And On (Jerry Buckner)
06 - Heartaches (C.F. Turner)
07 - Reach For Me (R. Bruno & E. Schwarz)
08 - When You're Gone (Keith Diamond & Cliff Dawson)
09 - You Never Know (Gary Nicholson & Amy Sky)
10 - Gotcha (Jack White, Mark Spiro & Ed Arkin)

"Now And Forever (You And Me)"
Produced & Arranged by David Foster for Chartmaker, Inc.
Background vocals : Richard Page
Guitars : Michael Landau & Bob Mann
Keyboards & Synthesizers : David Foster
Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto
Engineer : Ken Friesen
Assistant Engineer : Tom Henderson
Mixed by Humberto Gatica at Lion Share Recording Studios, Hollywood

"On And On"*, "Heartaches"*+, "Call Us Fools"*, "Who's Leaving Who"**, "My Life's A Dance"** & "Gotcha"***
Produced by Jack White
Associate Producer : Mark Spiro
*Arranged by Mark Spiro & Uve Schikora
**Arranged by Mark Spiro & Ed Arkin
***Arranged by Harold Faltenmayer & Mark Spiro
Background vocals : Joe Pizzulo, Richard Page, Tom Kelly, Steve George, Jill Colucci, Edie Lehman, Andrea Robinson, Cindy Fee, Mark Spiro, Jon Joyce & Jim Haas
Guitars : Dann Huff, Michael Landau & Russ Freeman
Keyboards & Synthesizers : (Including Programming, Electronic Drums & Bass) Mark Spiro, Michael Boddicker, Kristian Schultz, Ed Arkin, Bo Tomlyn, Harold Faltenmayer & Uve Schikora
Piano : Tom Hensley (on "Call Us Fools" only)
Horns : Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, Larry Williams & Lew McCreary
Sax Solos : Larry Williams & Gary Herbig
Percussion : Brian Malouf
Horns Arranged by Jerry Hey
Recorded at Image Recording, Hollywood ; D.I. Musikstudio, Munich, West Germany ; CAN AM Recorders, Tarzana ; Westlake Studios, Los Angeles ; Oasis Studios, Studio City & Eastern Sound, Toronto
Engineers : John Van Nest, Brian Malouf, Kristian Schultze, Jurgen Koppers & Ken Friesen
Assistant Engineers : Steve Krause, Samii Taylor, Peggy McAffee & Tom Henderson
Mixed by Juergen Koppers at Paradise Studio, Munich, West Germany
+Remixed by Brian Malouf at Larrabee Sound, West Hollywood
Assisted by Sabrina Buchanek
Mastered by Brian Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood

"When You're Gone", "Reach For Me" & "You Never Know"
Produced & Arranged by Keith Diamond
Background vocals : Curtis King, Sandy Farina, Cliff Dawson, Cindy Mizelle, Yvonne Lewis & Jill Dell-Abate
Guitars : Paul Pesco & Ronnie Drayton
Synthesizers : (Including Programming, Electronic Drums & Bass) Keith Diamond
Keyboards : Skip Anderson & Oscar Brown
Acoustic Piano : Skip Anderson
Drums : Bob Rosa & Terry Silverlight
Recorded & Mixed at Unique Recording Studio, New York
Engineer : Bob Rosa
Assistant Engineer : Acar Key
"When You're Gone" Mixed by Tom Lord Alge
Mastered at Capitol Records by Wally Traugott

All Anne Murray Vocals Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto