Tom Johnston "Everything You've Heard Is True" (1979) -Westcoast Rock-

 Label : Warner Bros. Records / Wounded Bird (WOU-3304)

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Down Along The River (Tom Johnston)
02 - Show Me (Tom Johnston)
03 - Savannah Nights (Tom Johnston)
04 - I Can Count On You (Tom Johnston)
05 - Small Time Talk (Tom Johnston)
06 - Reachin' Out For Lovin' From You (Tom Johnston)
07 - Outlaw (Tom Johnston)
08 - Man On The Stage (Tom Johnston)

Produced by Ted Templeman
Engineered by Donn Landee
Additional Engineering by Lloyd Clifft & Steve Malcolm
Recorded at Warner Bros. Recording Studios, North Hollywood
Production Coordinator : Beth Naranjo

Musicians :
Tom Johnston : Vocals & Guitars
Jim Keltner : Drums on "Man On The Stage", "Small Time Talk" & "Reachin' Out For Lovin' From You"
Rick Shlosser : Drums on "Show Me", "Savannah Nights" & "Down Along The River"
David Garibaldi : Drums on "I Can Count On You"
Keith Knudsen : Drums on "Outlaw"
Paul Stallworth : Bass on "Man On The Stage" & "Reachin' Out For Lovin' From You"
Bob Glaub : Bass on "Show Me", "Small Time Talk" & "Outlaw"
Rick Chudacoff : Bass on "I Can Count On You", "Savannah Nights" & "Down Along The River"
Tom Johnston & Paul Barrere : Guitars on "Show Me"
Bill Payne : Keyboards on "Man On The Stage", "Show Me", "Small Time Talk" & "I Can Count On You"
Bill Payne & David Paich : Keyboards on "Reachin' Out For Lovin' From You"
Mark T. Jordan : Keyboards on "Savannah NNights" & "Down Along The River"
Michael McDonald : Keyboards on "Outlaw"
Nicolette Larson : Vocals on "Show Me", "I Can Count On You", "Reachin' Out For Lovin' From You" & "Small Time Talk"
Ted Templeman : Vocals on "Show Me", "Reachin' Out For Lovin' From You", "Small Time Talk" & All Percussion
Memphis Horns : Horns on "Show Me", "Savannah Nights", "Reachin' Out For Lovin' From You" & "Small Time Talk"
Andrew Love : Saxophone on "Down Along The River"
Jerry Jumonville : Saxophone on "Reachin' Out For Lovin' From You"
Tower Of Power Section : Horns on "I Can Count On You"
Memphis Horns : Andrw Love, James Mitchell, Louis Collins, Ben Cauley & Jack Hale
Tower Of Power Horn Section : Lenny Pickett, Emili Castillo, Stephen 'Doc' Kupka, Mic Gillette & Greg Adams