Lani Hall "Double Or Nothing" (1979) -Westcoast Rock / Soft Rock-

 Label : A&M Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Nobody Gets This Close To Me (Steve Diamond) 
02 - Shot In The Dark* (Bill Quateman) 
03 - Meni Devol (Rada-Fattoruso-Eng. Trans. Lani Hall) 
04 - To The Morning (Dan Fogelberg) 
05 - Sailing Without A Sail (Bill LaBounty & Roy Freeland) 
06 - Double Or Nothing* (Allee Willis & Skip Scarborough) 
07 - Sunshine After The Rain (Ellie Greenwich) 
08 - To Know (Buzz Feiten) 
09 - So Long (Lani Hall & Neil Larsen) 
10 - Magic Garden*+ (Buzz Feiten) 

Produced by Herb Alpert & Lani Hall
*Produced by David Kershenbaum & Lani Hall
Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood
*Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood ; Britannia Recording Studios, Hollywood & Sunset Sound, Hollywood
Engineered by Don Hahn
Assistant Engineer : Derek Du Nann
*Engineered by Mark Smith
*Assistant Engineers : Skip Cottrell, A&M Studios, Raffaello Mazza, Sunset Sound
Mastered at A&M Studios, Hollywood by Bernie Grundman
Horns Arranged by Jerry Hey
+Horns Arranged by Buzz Feiten

Musicians :
Neil Larsen : Keyboards
Buzz Feiten : Guitar
Chuck Domanico : Bass
Peter Donald : Drums
Manolo Badrena : Percussion
*Neil Larsen : Keyboards
*Buzz Feiten : Guitar
*Jerry Knigth : Bass
*Larry Tolbert : Drums & Percussion

Additional musicians :
Paulinho Da Costa : Percussion on "Sunshine After The Rain" & "To The Morning"
Michel Colombier : Electric Piano & Synthesizer on "To Know"
Michael Boddicker : Synthesizer Programmer
Buzz Feiten : Synthesizer Player & Programmer on "Double Or Nothing"
Airto Moreira : Chanting & Percussion on "Meni Devol"
Ernie Watts : Saxophone Solo on "Sunshine After The Rain"
Tim May : Additional Guitar on "To Know" & "To The Morning"

Horn Section :
Jerry Hey
Ernie Watts
Larry Williams
Gary Grant
Bill Reichenbach

Background vocals :
Neil Larsen, Buzz Feiten & Lani Hall on "To Know", "Sunshine After The Rain" & "Magic Garden"
Bill Champlin, Carmen Twillie & Venette Gloud on "Sailing Without A Sail", "Sunshine After The Rain" & "To The Morning"
Bill Quateman on "Shot In The Dark"
David Lasley & Arnold McCuller on "Double Or Nothing" & Nobody Gets This Close To Me"