Bryan Duncan "Holy Rollin'" (1986) -CCM / AOR / Westcoast Rock-

Label : Light Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Only Wanna Do What's Right (Bryan Duncan)
02 - My Little World (Bryan Duncan, Franne Golde, Paul Fox & Peter Rafelson)
03 - Lead Me To The Water (Bryan Duncan)
04 - Hope Of The Brokenhearted (Bryan Duncan & Larry Brown)
05 - Holy Rollin' (Bryan Duncan)
06 - Remember Me (Bryan Duncan & Larry Brown)
07 - So Far, So Good (Bryan Duncan)
08 - Your Everlasting Love (Bryan Duncan)
09 - Givin' Up Givin' Up (Keith Ward)

Produced by Larry Brown
Recorded at Salty Dog Recording in Van Nuys, CA
Nov. 1985-1986
Additional Recording at Sound City Studios, Van Nuys, CA
Album Participants :
Larry Brown : Production, Engineering, Drums, Keyboards, Songwriting, Arrangements & Computer Technology
Bryan Duncan : Songwriting, Arrangements, Vocals, Keyboards
Chuck Barth : Drum Programming, Keyboard Sequencing, Sound Selections Assistant & General Enthusiasm Orchestrator!
Dennis Brown : Guitar, Programming & Charts
Jeff Park : Assistant Engineer
Bob Carlisle : Vocals (All Over The Record)
Devan Payne : Vocals on "Your Everlasting Love"
Brad Carr : Guitar Solo on "So Far, So Good"
Phil Kenzie : Sax on "Lead Me To The Water"
Jim Keltner for The Great Snare Sounds
Mike Sanders : MSE Panner
Tower Of Power Horns :
Greg Adams : Trumpet & Section Arranger
Steve "Doc" Kupka : Baritone Sax
Emilio Castillo : Tenor Sax
Lee Thornburg : Trumpet
Richard Elliot : Alto Sax
Also Kim Scharnberg : Trombone on "Only Wanna Do What's Right"
Howard McCrary : Keyboards on "Holy Rollin'" & Choir Direction on "Holy Rollin'"
Dwight Glodell : Keyboard Equipment Provisions
David Coe & Staff at Salty Dog Recording Studios
Peter Rafelson : Guitar Solo on "My Little World"
Maranatha Community Church Choir : Vocals on "Holy Rollin'"
Pastor : Billy Ingram       
Kathy Hazzard, Tawana Roland, Gwendolyne Holmes, Kathy Hicks, John Hicks, Karen M. McClenny-Freeman, Charlie Freeman, Richard A. Harris, Margaurite Ingram, Sharon Cole, Princene Howard, Francis E. Howard, Adreyenne Liddell, Richard Robnett Jr. & Kourt Williams... And They Call This A "Solo" Album!