Billy & Sarah Gaines "He'll Find A Way" (1988) -CCM-

Label : The Benson Company, Inc.

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - We've Got A Reason To Celebrate (Babbie Mason)
02 - He'll Find A Way (Donna Douglas)
03 - Always Triumphant (Billy Gaines)
04 - The Artist (Phil McHugh & Corliss Nelson)
05 - Love Is The Reason (Thornton Cline & Susannah Ryan Wilson)
06 - All Day Praising (Billy Gaines)
07 - God's Amazing Love (Jon Morh & Randall Dennis)
08 - Keep On Pressin' On (Billy Gaines)
09 - How Great His Heart Must Be (John G. Elliott)

Producer : Dan Cleary
Co-Producer : Corliss Nelson
Executive Producer : Dan Cleary
Engineered & Mixed by Bill Deaton
Vocals on "God's Amazing Love" Engineered by Bob Clark
Vocals on "The Artist" & "How Great His Heart Must Be" Engineered by Keith Compton
Keyboards : Phil Naish
Bass : Craig Nelson
Guitar : Tom Hemby
Drums & Percussion : Mark Hammond
Arrangements & Synclavier on "All Day Praising" & "God's Amazing Love" by Keith Thomas
Synclavier Programming by Brett Perry
Guitar on "All Day Praising" by Jon Goin
Keyboard Overdubs on "Keep On Pressin' On" by Buddy Greene
Harmonica on "Keep On Pressin' On" by Buddy Greene
Background vocals on "How Great His Heart Must Be" & "We've Got A Reason To Celebrate" : Jackie Cusic, Ellen Musick & Marty McCall
Background vocals on "Keep On Pressin' On" : Jackie Cusic, Marty McCall & Gary Janney
All Strings Arranged by Dan Cleary except "The Artist" : Corliss Nelson & Dan Cleary
Studios : Great Circle Sound, Omni B, Downstage, Nashville, Tennessee