Anne Bertucci "Cool Hand" (1983) -Westcoast Pop-

 Label : Ultraphone Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Satisfy My Need (L. Lopez & Steve Kipner)
02 - Gimme Some Love (A. Roberts & Cason)
03 - Love Is A Symphony*(Iren Koster)
04 - Mercury Love (Anne Bertucci)
05 - Love Strike (Lenny Macaluso & Steve Kipner)
06 - Number One Contender (A. Roberts & Williams)
07 - Day And Night Man (L. Lopez & Steve Kipner)
08 - Cool Hand (W.E. Stein, Wolfgang Jass & Steve Kipner)
09 - Where Did We Go Wrong (L. Lopez & Steve Kipner)
10 - Dear John (A. Roberts & Cerney)

Produced by Mario Balestrieri & Anne Bertucci
*Produced by Erich Bulling & Mario Balestrieri
*Arranged by Erich Bulling
Executive Producer : Mario Balestrieri for Marbal Productions, Inc. (USA) 
Mastered at Artisan Sound Recorders by Gregg Fulginiti
Recorded & Mixed at Sunset Sound, Davlen, Alph & Excalibur Studios, Los Angeles (USA) by Humberto Gatica, Gary Brandt, Heyward Collins & David Leonard
Rhythm Tracks on "Satisfy My Need", "Mercury Love", "Love Strike", "Day And Night Man", "Cool Hand" & "Where Did We Go Wrong" Arranged by Jimmie Haskell
Rhythm Tracks on "Gimme Some Love" Arranged by Bill Elliott
Strings Arranged & Conducted on "Gimme Some Love" by Bill Elliott
"Number One Contender" Arranged by Greg Mathieson

The Musicians :
Drums : Rick Shlosser, Mike Baird & Carlos Vega
Bass : Bob Glaub, Larry Klein, Wade Short & Neil Stubenhaus
Guitars : Steve Lukather, Brian Ray, Dan Dugmore, Andrew Kastner & Michael Landau
Keyboards : Bill Payne, Jon Gilutin & Greg Mathieson
Synthesizers : David Foster, Ian Underwood, Luis Cabaza & Greg Mathieson
Horns & Sax : Jack Mack & The Heart Attack Band
Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa
Background vocals : Max Gronenthal, Rosemary Butler, Terry Young, Mona Lisa Young, Richard Page, Steve George, Anne Bertucci, Pat Hall, John Finley, Donny Gerard, Carl Graves & Debbie Swanson