Doonesbury's Jimmy Thudpucker ‎"Doonesbury's Jimmy Thudpucker And The Walden West Rhythm Section Greatest Hits" (1977) -Soft Rock-

Label : Windsong Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - You Can't Fight It (Jimmy Thudpucker)
02 - Take Your Life (Jimmy Thudpucker)
03 - I Don't Know My Love (Jimmy Thudpucker)
04 - Stop (Jimmy Thudpucker)
05 - Indian Brown (Renee Armand & Kerry Chater)
06 - Where Can I Go (Jimmy Thudpucker)
07 - I Do Believe (Jimmy Thudpucker)
08 - Fretman Sam (Jimmy Thudpucker)
09 - Ginny's Song (Jimmy Thudpucker)
10 - So Long / Overture '73 (Jimmy Thudpucker)

Produced by Steve Cropper for Midnight Hour Music
Engineer : Austin Godsey
Back-Up Engineers : Gene Meros & Toby Scott
Production Co-ordination : Lee Housekeeper
Recorded at Clover Studios, Hollywood, California

Musicians :
Bass : Donald 'Duck' Dunn
Drums : Mike Baird & Jeff Porcaro
Keyboards : David Foster
Organ : Bill Champlin
Guitars : Steve Cropper, Dan Ferguson, Jay Graydon & Steve Lukather
Percussion : Steve Forman
Harmonica : Leon Rubenholt
Strings & Synthesizers Arranged & Conducted by David Foster
Background vocals : Bill Champlin, Donny Gerard, Brooks Hunnicutt, Lisa Roberts, Joyce King, The Champlettes, Jana Lee Dare, Jeanne Anne Chapman, Renee Armand, Verns Richardson, Jim Haas, Ron Hicklin & Stan Farber
Lead vocal on "Indian Brown" : Renée Armand
Harmony Vocal : Jimmy Thudpucker
Guitar Solo on "Fretman Sam" : Jay Graydon
Horns : Chuck Findley, Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madaio, Quitman Dennis & Don Menza
Viola Solo on "So Long / Overture '73" : Doug Atwell
Alto Sax Solo on "Where Can I Do" : Jim Horn
Instrumental in "So Long / Overture '73" Written, Arranged & Conducted by David Foster
Synthesizers Programmed by Jay Graydon
Synthesizers by David Foster