Meco "The Wizard Of Oz" (1978) -Disco / Soft Rock-

Label : Millenium Records

01 - Over The Rainbow
02 - Cyclone
03 - Munchkinland
04 - Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
05 - Munchkinland (Again)
06 - We're Off To See The Wizard (The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz)
07 - Poppies
08 - The Spell
09 - Optimistic Voices
10 - The Merry Old Land Of Oz
11 - The Haunted Forest
12 - March Of The Winkies
13 - Dorothy's Rescue
14 - If I Were King Of The Forest
15 - Over The Rainbow
16 - The Reprise

Produced by Meco Monardo, Tony Bongiovi & Harold Wheeler

Musicians from the MLKY WAY GALAXY

Drums : Allen Schwartzberg, Jimmy Young & Yhtac Xaurt
Bass : Neil Jason & Retsim Steab
Guitars : Lance Quinn, Cliff Morris, Bob Cadway, Atten Lessik & Inirt Zepol
Keyboards : Harold Wheeler, Pat Rebillot & Ynot Odranom
Percussion : Dave Carey, Nyto Bongo & Ynned Silsek
Auto-harps : Gene Bianco & Laup Ekliss
Trumpets : Jon Faddis, Dan Cahn, Bob Millikan, Mike Lawrence, Joe Shepley, Randy Brecker, Derf Nardomo & Brab Donmora
Reeds : George Marge, Dave Tofani, Romeo Penque, Eddie Daniels, Phil Bodner & Doowy Thiwe
French Horns : Jim Buffington, Bill Brown, Fred Griffin, John Clark, Mali Nyl & Raula Lujei
Violins : Guy Lumia, Sanford Allen, LaMar Alsop, Leanie Kranf, Kemie Ceedu, Simm Tenaj, Lewis Eley, John Pintavalle, Dave Davis, Thatie Notswin, Simm Amorni, Tomen Risorm, Paul Winter, Harry Lookofsky & Nala Lebos
Cellos : Jesse Levy, Ralry Leicher, Het Mogen & Mijmy Nernie
Violas : Richard Maximoff, Ralry Rakrem & Royam Dowe

Musicians from the CORMAR GALAXY

From The Planet Fooyea
(by special decree of the Nomel Tribunal)

Bontins :
Thur-M76     Spov-Q87
Nanl-L18      Triv-L36
Hyper-Harps :
Slokins :
The Lumen Family :
Lu-18      Lu-23
Lu-41      Lu-94
Lu-17      Lu-00

From the Planet Serutu

Shazzas : The Quibley Twins
Blorcas :
1st : Mai The
2nd : Phor Spee
3rd : Whith U
Cloma : Sharv Goodni
Clomatron : Ig Trovel
Clomasin : Sy Ing
Clomato : Poe Ta Toe

Arranged by Harold Wheeler
Vocals by Meco's Cantina Band & the Optimistic of Diva Gray, Lani Groves & Ellen Bernfield
Music Preparation : Betty Rowland
Moog Synthesizer : Richard Trifan
The Munchkins : The Lumen Family
Toto : Beast

Recorded at Power Station, New York
Engineers : Neil Dorfsman, Don Berman & Bob Clearmountain
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York
Mastered by Greg Calbi