Marty Gwinn "A Smile On The Wind" (1974) -Folk / Country Rock / Soft Rock-

Label : Chelsea Records Corp.

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Cowboy (Tracy Newman & Rich Miller)
02 - Walk Out Of My Life (Tracy Newman)
03 - Oh No Not Again (Tracy Newman)
04 - A Smile On The Wind (Tracy Newman & Rich Miller)
05 - No, I Don't Want Another Brandy (Tracy Newman)
06 - Silent Eyes (Tracy Newman & Rich Miller)
07 - Happy To Be Alive (Tracy Newman)
08 - Mountain Song (Danny Flowers)
09 - Adios (Tracy Newman & Marty Gwinn)
10 - If I Failed (Tracy Newman)

Special Thanks To :
Tracy Newman
John Christopher
Weldon Myrick
James D. Capps
Robert Thompson
Shane Keister
Kenny Malone
Henry Strzelecki
Billy Pruett
Farrell Morris
Jerry Shook
John C. Williams
Jeanine Walker
Karen Heflin
Louis Nunley
Polly-Jo Baker
Florence Russell

Produced & Arranged by Billy Walker
Musical Director : Tony Berg