Geoff Moore + The Distance "A Place To Stand" (1988) -CCM / AOR-

Label : Sparrow Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - A Place To Stand (Geoff Moore, Dale Oliver, Tom Reynolds, Arlin Troyer, Lang Bliss & Billy Smiley)
02 - Go To The Moon (Geoff Moore & Dale Oliver)
03 - Heart And Soul (David Martin)
04 - Outsiders (Geoff Moore, Dale Oliver, Tom Reynolds & Arlin Troyer)
05 - On A Night Like This (David Martin)
06 - I Come Out Fighting (Bob Halligan Jr.)
07 - Tender Hearts (Billy Smiley & Chris Rodriguez)
08 - Calling Londontown (Dave Perkins & Rob Frazier)
09 - You've Heard It Before (Geoff Moore, Dale Oliver, Tom Reynolds, Arlin Troyer & Billy Smiley)
10 - One Of Us (Geoff Moore & Steven Curtis Chapman)

Produced by Billy Smiley
Recorded by David Schober at OmniSound Studio, Nashville, TN
Additional Recording by Bill Deaton & Brent King at OmniSound Studio, Nashville, TN ; Downstage Studio, Nashville, TN & Centerstage Studio, Nashville, TN
Mixed by David Schober & Billy Smiley at Centerstage Studio, Nashville, TN
Assistant Engineers : Billy Whittington, Scott Davis & Lang Bliss
Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc Systems, Hollywood, CA

The Distance :
Arlin Troyer : Bass
Dale Oliver : Guitar
Tom Reynolds : Keyboards
Lang Bliss : Drums

Additional Musicians :
Dave Perkins : Guitar on "Calling Londontown"
David Martin : Guitar on "On A Night Like This"
Bob Hartman : Guitar on "Place To Stand"
Carl Marsh : Faitlight Programming & Fairlight Percussion on "A Place To Stand", "Go To The Moon", "On A Night Like This", "Tender Hearts" & "One Of Us"

Background Vocalists :  
Rick Florian, Geoff Moore, Dave Mullen, Chris Rodriguez
Dayle Oliver (on "You've Heard It Before")
John Schlitt (on "A Place To Stand")
Billy Smiley (on "You've Heard It Before")