Sandra Crouch And Friends "We Sing Praises" (1983) -CCM-

Label : Light Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Magnify The Lord With Me (Sandra Crouch)
02 - There Is Power In The Blood (L. Jones & Sandra Crouch)
03 - He's Worthy (Sandra Crouch)
04 - My Soul Loves Only You (Sandra Crouch)
05 - Holy Spirit (Sandra Crouch)
06 - No Greater Love (Sandra Crouch)
07 - We Need To Hear From You (Sandra Crouch)
08 - Glad I Heard Your Voice (Sandra Crouch)

Produced by Sandra Crouch
Production Coordinator : Judy Gossett
Production Assistant : Diane Gaither
Remote Recording & Overdub Engineer : Jim Scheffler
Mixed by Jim Scheffler, Sandra Crouch & Andraé Crouch
Assistant Engineers : Mike Ross & Peter Haden
Remote Recording Truck Furnished by Tim Pinch Recording & RSC Recording, Hollywood, California
Overdubs & Mixing at Weddington Studios, North Hollywood, California & Paramount Recording Studios, Hollywood, California
Mastered at The Mastering Lab
Concert Sound by Stanal Sound, Van Nuys, California
All Rhythm Arrangements by Sandra Crouch except "Holy Spirit" & "No Greater Love" Arranged by Sandra Crouch & Andréa Crouch
All Vocals arrangements by Sandra Crouch except "Holy Spirit" Arranged by Andraé Crouch & Sandra Crouch, "No Greater Love" & "Power In The Blood" Arranged by Sandra Crouch & Linda McCrary
Vocal Assistants : Linda McCrary, Pattie Howard & Andraé Crouch

Musicians :
Acoustic Piano : Frank Cole
Organ : Alvin Parker
Bass : Welton Gites
Guitar : Steve Sykes
Drums : Alvin Taylor
Fairlight Synthesizer & Fender Rhodes : Rhett Lawrence
Percussion : Sandra Crouch

The Christ Memorial Church Choir : Gloria Augustus, Lisa Banks, Rose Banks, Maureen Bentley, Penny Bradley, Beatrice Burwell, Tracy Cabin, Kathey Casey, Creola Coles, Launice Cummings, Brenda Davis, Frederick Davis, Sarah Davis, Dorothy Estes, Deloris Garrison, Linda Goodman, Jenise Jones, Shirley Kelly, James Logan, Thelma Madison, Janet Mims, Vernetha Mims, Raye Mims, Eunita Mitchell, Dorothy Moore, LaVerne Neal, Ricky Neldon & Verdine Parker

Additional Voices : Tania Albury, Jayce Clark, Greg Clark, Willie Cooper, Kathy Clark, Peggy Clark, Marvin "Tuffy" Cummings, Valerie Doby, Vonciele Fagget, Tina Frazier, Diane Gaither, Judy Harris, Willa Harris, Evelyn Hayes, John Hicks, Kathy Hicks, Lela Howard, Patty Howard, Jean Johnson, Karen McClenney, Charity McCrary, Linda McCrary, Anthony McGill, Marcia Ridley, Dibrilynne Rice, Michael Richardson, Alfanette Silas, Phylis Simmons, Donald Taylor, Ruth Watson, Lisa Webb & Bridgette Willis

Additional Voices on "No Greater Love" : Phyllis St. James, Howard Smith & Roger Burrell

Children's Voices on "We Need To Hear From You" : Shellanda Byrd, Tinosha Byrd, Deleshia Chambers, Yolanda Coles, Nona Dailey, Miolisha Demesme, Michael Easter, Amy Figueroa, Amber Figueroa, Andrea Fugueroa, Karen Madison, Howard McCrary, Don McCrary, Jamie McCrary, Keri Nelson, Kim Mortan & Brita Torres

01 - Magnify The Lord With Me

Vocal Solos : Sandra Crouch & Karen McClenney

02 - There Is Power In The Blood

Vocal Solos : Sandra Crouch & Rose Banks

03 - He's Worthy

Vocal Solo : Jean Johnson

04 - My Soul Loves Only You

Vocal Solos : Linda McCrary, Sandra Crouch & Andraé Crouch

05 - Holy Spirit

Vocal Solos : Howard Smith, Janet Mims & Valerie Doby

06 - No Greater Love

Vocal Solo : Sandra Crouch

07 - We Need To Hear From You

Vocal Solo : Sandra Crouch

08 - Glad I Heard Your Voice

Vocal Solos : Sandra Crouch & Andraé Crouch