Roby Duke "Blue Eyed Soul" (1986) -CCM-

Label : Good News Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - I Know You, Mister (Roby Duke & Eric Persing)
02 - I've Come Too Far (Roby Duke & James Hollihan)
03 - This Is Not A Game (Roby Duke)
04 - Runaway (Say So) (Roby Duke)
05 - Another Night (Roby Duke)
06 - I'll Survive (Roby Duke)
07 - Talk To Me (Roby Duke)
08 - Can't Let You Go (Roby Duke)
09 - It's Up To You (Roby Duke)
10 - Here For You (Roby Duke)

Produced by Roby Duke
Executive Producer : Teri Piro
Recorded & Mixed by Steven Ford
Green Knobs Mixed by Roby Duke
Additional Recording by Eric Persing, Dan Humann, Chris Taylor, Todd Van Etten, Brian Curtin & David Schober
Recorded at Mama Jo's, North Hollywood, California
Additional Recording at Music Grinder, Hollywood ; Asaph Recording, Anaheim ; Front Page, Costa Mesa & Music Merchants, Costa Mesa
Mixed at Mama Jo's
Songs Arranged by Roby Duke & Eric Persing
Vocals Arranged by Roby Duke & Bob Wilson

Musicians :
Roby Duke : Vocals, Keyboards & Hal
Eric Persing : Keyboards & Hal
Dann Huff, Steve Farris & Michael Thompson : Guitars
John Patitucci : Bass
Bob Wilson : Toms & Cymbals
Bob Sheppard : Sax
Hal 9000 : Keyboards, Drums & Percussion
Eric Persing : Synth Programming & Sampling
Step Out Vocals on "Talk To Me", "I Know You, Mister" & "I've Come Too Far" by Deniece Williams
Background vocals by Julia Tillman Waters, Maxine Willard Waters & Carmen Twillie