Michael Johnson "Moonlit Déjà Vu" (2012) -Soft Rock-

Label : Red House Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - April Fool (Hugh Prestwood)
02 - My Favorite Lies (Clive Gregson)
03 - One Mile Apart (Michael Johnson, Karen Taylor Good & Lisa Aschmann)
04 - Learning How To Love (Hugh Prestwood)
05 - Gee I'm Glad I Worried About That (W.T. Davidson)
06 - Emilio (Michael Johnson & Tom Keeton)
07 - Looking For Rainbows (Charles Cochran & Roger Cook; intro and outro from "Study No. 3 in A Major, Op. 60° by M. Carcassi [1792-1853])
08 - How Do You Know What You Know (Hugh Prestwood)
09 - SoSo (Parody of the 1946 song "You Make Me Feel So Young" by Josef Myrow and Mack Gordon, parody lyrics by Michael Johnson)
10 - The Day I'm Over You (Hugh Prestwood)
11 - Kiss Me Goodbye (Hugh Prestwood)

Produced by Michael Johnson
Recorded & Mixed by Steve Kaul, Assisted by Benny Weinbeck at Wild Sound Recording Studios, Minneapolis, MN
Mastered by Chris Frymire at Modern Minstrel Mixing, Minneapolis, MN 

The Players : 
Michael Johnson : All Guitars & Lead vocals
Gordon Johnson : Bass
J.T. Bates
: Drums ("One Mile Apart", "Gee I'm Glad" & "SoSo" )
Marc Anderson
: Percussion ("One Mile Apart", "Emilio" & "The Day I'm Over You")
Dan Newton
: Accordion ("One Mile Apart" & "Looking For Rainbows")
Truly Carmichael
: Duet vocal ("One Mile Apart")
Maud Hixon
: Background Vocals ("April Fool", "Gee I'm Glad" with Michael Johnson, "Looking For Rainbows" & "The Day I'm Over You")
Dave Karr
: Alto Flute ("Emilio") & Sax ("SoSo")
Benny Weinbeck
: Piano ("April Fool"), Piano & Hammond B-3 organ ("My Favorite Lies")
Adi Yeshaya
: String Arrangements ("How Do You Know", "The Day I'm Over You" & "Kiss Me Goodbye")
Rebecca Arons
: Cello
Jill Olson
: Violin
Susan Janda
: Viola