Michael Johnson "Ain't Dis Da Life" (1977) -Soft Rock-

Label : Sanskrit Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - O.B. Glad (Mark Henley & Michael Johnson)
02 - Lucky Stars (Raun MacKinnon)
03 - Movin' In The Same Circles (Damn It All) (Ron Galbraith)
04 - Time Sweet Time (Al Day)
05 - Our Snowflake Dreams (Ted Anderson)
06 - Ain't Dis Da Life (Mike Smith)
07 - Circle Of Fifths (Raun MacKinnon)
08 - Chicken Road (Joe Greene)
09 - High On The Border (Mark Henley)
10 - Mr. Arthur's Place (Slide With Me Julia) (Thom Burke Bishop)

Produced by Michael Johnson
Recorded and mixed by Steve Wiese at Creation Audio Recording, Bloomington, Minnesota

Musicians :
Michael Johnson : Guitars & Vocals
Jim Johnson : Bass (Claims not to have played clairinets on "Ritz")
Bill Peterson : Bass on "Lucky Stars"
Dave Williamson : Bass on "Circle Of Fifths"
Gary Gauger : Drums, Percussion, Vibes, Marimba & Good Cheer
Jeff Gilkinson : Mouth Harp on "Chicken Road"
Robert Greenidge : Steel Drums on "High On The Border"
Ted Sherman : Autoharp on "Our Snowflake Dreams"
Jeff Harrington : Piano, Fender Rhodes & Background vocals on "Movin In The Same Circles" & "Mr. Arthur's Place"
Mark Henley : Guitar & Vocal on "O.B. Glad"
Ramuald Teco, Tamas Strasser, Bruce Allard & Anthony Elliot : String Quartet on "Mr. Arthur's Place"
Dave Karr : String Arrangement on "Mr. Arthur's Place", Flute & Piccolo on "Circle of Fifths"
Tony Elliot also played Cello on "Time Sweet Time"