David Diggs "Right Before Your Eyes" (1986) -Soft Rock-

Label : TBA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - It'll Creep Up On You (Mary Ekler)
02 - Gotcha (Charles Williams)
03 - Carry On (Mary Ekler)
04 - The Only One (David Diggs & Mary Elia Meek)
05 - You Really Got Me (Ray Davies)
06 - Listen To The Solitude (David Diggs)
07 - It's The Right Place (Richard Page, Marc Jordan & Jay Graydon)
08 - Trash It (David Diggs)
09 - Right Before Your Eyes (David Diggs & Mary Elia Meek)

Produced & Arranged by David Diggs an Indiggnant Production
Recorded & Mixed by Paul James Klingberg
Digitally Recorded & Mixed at Amigo Studios using the 3M 32 track & the Mitsubishi 2 track recorders
Extended Mix on "You Really Gor Me" Co-Produced by Paul James Klingberg
2nd Engineers : Russell Bracher & Steven Strassman
Digitally Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disk Systems

Personnel :
David Diggs : Acoustic Piano, Yamaha QX1 & TX816, Roland Super Jupiter & Planet, Oberheim Xpander, DX & Stretch, Akai S612 Sampler, Guitar
Paul Jackson Jr. : Guitars
Brandon Fields : Alto Saxophone
Ken Wild : Bass on "Carry On"
Bob Carlisle : Lead vocals on "It'll Creep Up On You" & "You Really Got Me"
D.J. Rogers : Lead vocals on "It's The Right Place" & "Right Before Your Eyes"
Daryl Coley : Lead vocal on "Carry On"
Phil Perry : Lead vocal on "The Only One"
Background vocals : Lillian Tynes Perry, Edie Lehman, Phil Perry & Bob Carlisle
Sybil Bracher : Dialogue on "Trash It"