Gabriel "Gabriel" (1978) -Westcoast Rock-

Label : Epic Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Since I Met You (Terry Lauber)
02 - Take It Back (Frank Butorac)
03 - Maybe (Terry Lauber)
04 - Ooo Wee Baby (Frank Butorac)
05 - Right Track (Terry Lauber)
06 - Martha (Your Lovers Come And Go) (Terry Lauber)
07 - For Quite Awhile (Frank Butorac)
08 - I Get High On You (Frank Butorac)
09 - Go Back Home (Frank Butorac)
10 - Didn't I Love You? (Terry Lauber)

Produced by Carl Maduri & Buzz Richmond for Belkin Maduri Productions
String Arrangement on "Martha" by Thom Bell
Vocal Direction by Don McKinney
Recorded at Kaye-Smith Studios, Seattle, Washington
Engineered by Buzz Richmond
Assistant Engineer : Reed Ruddy
Mixed by Buzz Richmond

Gabriel :
Terry Lauber : Guitar, Keyboards, Lead & Backgound vocals
Frank Butorac : Guitar, Keyboards, Lead & Background vocals
Michael Kinder : Drums, Percussion & Background vocals
Gary Ruhl : Bass & Background vocals

Strings on "Martha" by Don Renaldo & The MFSB Orchestra, Recorded at Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA
Harmony Vocal on "Go Back Home" by Danny O'Keefe
Synthesizer on "Go Back Home", "Maybe", "Since I Met You" & "I Get High On You" by Tim Gorman
Vibes on "Maybe" by Bill McCarthy
Horns on "I Get High On You" by Kell Houston & Kim Eggers
Sax Solo on "Ooo Wee Baby" & Background vocals on "Take It Back" by Don McKinney