Stephanie Mills "Merciless" (1983) -Contemporary R&B-

 Label : Polygram Records / Casablanca Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore? (Prince)
02 - Never Get Enough Of You (Henri Gaffney & David Wolfert)
03 - Eternal Love (Paul Jabara & Jay Asher)
04 - His Name Is Michael* (Stephanie Mills, Cassandra Mills & Michael Sembello)
05 - Here I Am (Henri Gaffney & David Wolfert)
06 - My Body (Luther Vandross)
07 - Do You Love Him?* (Betsy Durkin Matthes & Barbara Morr)
08 - Pilot Error (Peter Kingsbery)
09 - Since We've Been Together (Ralph Schuckett & R. Kleinberg)

Produced by Gary Klein & David Wolfert for The Entertainment Company
Executive Producer : Charles Koppelman
*Produced by Phil Ramone for Phil Ramone, Inc.
All Songs Mixed & Remixed by John Arrias except "Do You Love Him?" & "His Name Is Michael" Mixed by Phil Ramone
Arranged & Conducted by David Wolfert except "Do You Love Him?" & "His Name Is Michael"
Recorded at :
The Hit Factory, N.Y.C. 
Cherokee Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Automated Sound Studios, N.Y.C.
Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA
Bossa Nova Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Engineered by Lee De Carlo, John Arrias, Brian McGee, Jay Rifkin, Marie Ostrovsky, Brad Leigh & Peter Chaiken
Musical Contractors : Frank DeCaro (L.A.) & Phil Medley (N.Y.)
Production Coordinator for The Entertainment Company : Linda Gerrity

Musicians :
Drums : John 'JR' Robinson, Carlos Vega & Ed Greene
Bass : Nathan East & Neil Stubenhaus
Piano : Richard Tee & Greg Phillinganes
Guitars : Michael Sembello, Thom Rotella, Carlos Rios, Buzz Feiten & David Wolfert
Percussion : Lenny Castro & Victor Feldman
Synthesizers : Ed Walsh, Johnny Mandel, Ian Underwood, Kyle Steiner & Dan Sembello
Synthesizer Bass : Ed Walsh
Keyboards : Richard Tee & Greg Phillinganes
Background vocals : Stephanie Mills, Peggy Blue, Lani Groves, Yvonne Lewis, Myrna Smith, Cruz Sembello, Michael Sembello & Frank Floyd
Background vocals Arranged by Frank Floyd & David Wolfert
"Do You Love Him?" Arranged by Johnny Mandel & Edward Karam
"Since We've Been Together" Rhythm Arranged by Ralph Schuckett