James Ward "Good Advice" (1985) -CCM-

Label : Greentree Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Good Advice (James Ward)
02 - Pray, Pray, Pray (James Ward & John G. Elliott)
03 - You'll Know (James Ward)
04 - I Belong To You (James Ward & Mark Gersmehl)
05 - Growing Pains (James Ward)
06 - We Cry (James Ward)
07 - God Knows What Nations Do (James Ward)
08 - Lord Of Our Unity (James Ward)
09 - Death Is Ended (James Ward)

Producers : James Ward, John G. Elliott & Hans Altena
Executive Producers : Michael DeMonico & Hans Altena
Special Creative Assistance : James Hollihan
Studios : Center Stage, Great Circle, Master's Touch, Treasure Isle, Bullet, Grand Central & GHL Audio
Mixdown : GHL Audio, Bullet
: Gary Hedden, Doug Sarrett, Keith H. Compton, Lynn Fuston, Bill Heath, Kent Madison & Ed Seay
Assistant Engineers : Jim Kaiser & Ed Mikrut
Fairlight Programming : John G. Elliott & Bill Heath
TX816/Emulator programming : Neil Andrews
Rhythm Track Arrangements : James Ward & Joe English Band
Arrangements : James Ward
"You'll Know", "Growing Pains" & "Lord Of Our Unity" Mixed by Gary Hedden, James Ward &  John G. Elliott
"We Cry" Mixed by Gary Hedden, James Ward & Hans Altena
"God Knows What Nations Do" Mixed by Gary Hedden & Hans Altena
Other Songs Mixed by Ed Seay, James Ward & John G. Elliott
Mastered at Master Mix by Hank Williams, Jr.

Musicians :
Joe English : Drums & Percussion
Paul Brannon : Bass
George Cocchini : Guitars & Guitar Solo on "You'll Know", "Lord Of Our Unity"
Kerry Livgren : Guitars, Guitar Solo on "Pray, Pray, Pray" & "Growing Pains", Additional Keyboards on "Growing Pains"
James Ward : Piano Solo on "We Cry" & Keyboards on "Death Is Ended"
John G. Elliott : Keyboards on "Death Is Ended"
Neil Andrews : Keyboards, Mini-Moog Solo on "You'll Know", Emulator on "We Cry", TX816 on "God Knows What Nations Do" & Keyboards on "Death Is Ended"
Sam Levine : Saxophone on "Good Advice", "I Belong To You" & "God Knows What Nations Do"
Vince Andrews : Saxophone on "We Cry"
Terry McMillan : Percussion
Hans Altena : Synth Solo & Tag Arrangement on "You'll Know"

Background vocals :
Marty McCall, Mark Baldwin & James Ward on "Good Advice"
Marty McCall, Melody Tunney, Beverly Darnall, Kathy Troccoli, Ed DeYoung & James Ward on "Pray, Pray, Pray"
Duet (Bridge) on "Pray, Pray, Pray" : James Ward & Joe English
Guest soloists on "Pray, Pray, Pray" (Verse Three) : Marty McCall, Kathy Troccoli & Greg X. Volz
Mark Baldwin, Marty McCall, James Ward & John G. Elliott on "You'll Know"
James Ward on "I Belong To You", "Growing Pains" & "God Knows What Nations Do"
James Ward & John G. Elliott on "We Cry"
Marty McCall, Melody Tunney, Bonnie Keen & James Ward on "Death Is Ended"

01 - Good Advice

Additional Arrangement Concepts : James Hollihan

02 - Pray, Pray, Pray

Arrangement Concept : Hans Altena

03 - You'll Know


04 - I Belong To You

Based on 1st Answer of Heidelberg Catechism

05 - Growing Pains


06 - We Cry

A Psalm Of Invocation

07 - God Knows What Nations Do


08 - Lord Of Our Unity

Additional Arrangement : James Hollihan & John G. Elliott

09 - Death Is Ended

Arrangements : John G. Elliott & James Ward