Larry John McNally "Fade To Black" (1986)

 Label : Atco / Elektra / WEA / East West Japan 

01 - My Obsession (Larry John McNally) 
02 - James Dean (Larry John McNally)
03 - The Motown Song (Larry John McNally)
04 - Switchblade (Larry John McNally)
05 - Long Drag Off Cigarette (Larry John McNally)
06 - Chinatown (Larry John McNally)
07 - The Beat Generation (Larry John McNally)
08 - In My Indiscretion (Larry John McNally)
09 - Tar On The Roof (Larry John McNally)

Produced by Gary Katz & Larry John McNally 
Mixed by Elliot Scheiner at Soundtrack, NY, Ltd. ; George Massenburg at The Complex, West of Los Angeles.
Original Tracks on "My Obsession" Produced & Arranged by Richard Feldman
Recorded at The Complex, Producers 1&2, Kingsound MCA/Whitney, Conway, Orca Studios, Los Angeles, CA & Soundtrack, NY, Ltd. by George Massenburg, Mick Guzauski, Robert Spano, Rick Hart, Doug Schwartz, Eddie King, Brian Reeves, Andy Harper, Ron Pendragon, Steve Zaretsky, Wayne Yurgelun & Richard Feldman
Mix Assistant & Digital Tech : Wayne Yurgelun
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk

Musicians :

Drums : Armand Grimaldi, Andre Fischer & Bobby Economo
Additional Drums by Richard Feldman & Rick Kelly
Bass : Jimmy Haslip, Reggie McBride, Mark Brown & Richard Feldman
Fretless Bass : David Schwartz
Guitars : Larry John McNally, James Harrah, Buzz Feiten, Charles Fearing & Dann Huff
Percussion : Michael Fisher
Background vocals : Larry John McNally with Jude Johnstone on "The Beat Generation", with Leslie Smith on "The Motown Song"
Acoustic Piano : Aaron Zigman, Rick Kelly, Joe Vitarelli & Michael Ruff
Synth : Michael Ruff, Rick Kelly, Richard Feldman, Aaron Zigman, Mark Morgan & Mitchell Froom
B-3 : William "D" Smith & Mitchell Froom
Synclavier Programming : Gary Barlough
Chromatic Harmonica on "The Motown Song" : Tollak Olstead