The New Jersey Mass Choir "Hold Up The Light" (1987) -CCM / Gospel-

Label : Light Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - O The Blood (Donnie Harper)
02 - He's Worthy (Donnie Harper)
03 - What Would I Do (Without The Lord) (Donnie Harper)
04 - Holy Spirit (Donnie Harper)
05 - God Can Do Anything (Donnie Harper & Laythan Armor)
06 - Hold Up The Light (Donnie Harper)
07 - Let Jesus Lead You (Donnie Harper)
08 - Redeemed (Donnie Harper)
09 - Your Change Will Come (Donnie Harper)

Produced by Alan Abrahams for Victory Productions
Rhythm Tracks Co-Produced by Laythan Armor
Arranged by Laythan Armor, Alan Abrahams & Donnie Harper
Recorded & Engineered by Charlie Paakkari at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California
Choir Vocals Recorded at Grand Slam Studios, West Orange, New Jersey
Engineered by John Convention
Second Engineer : Dan Rudin
Mixed by Charlie Paakkari & Alan Abrahams
Mastered by Wally Traugott at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California
Production Coordinator : Patrick Pacheco

All Keyboards & Synthesizers by Laythan Armor except Acoustic Piano on "Holy Spirit" by Donnie Harper
Guitar : Paul Jackson Jr.
Drums : Kenny Elliott
Bass : Andrew Gouché
Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa

The New Jersey Mass Choir :
Sopranos : Gloria Smith, Gladys Jordan, Carol Allen, Mary Wilson, Marcia Sapp, Margie Hicks, Carlette Watson, Jeanette Thomas, Mattie Mobley, Carleen Jackson, Amy Ray, Roberta Leverett, Linda Lundy, Paula Stephens, Rodney Smith, Deloris Glover
Altos : B'nard Coiles, Betty Davis, Mary Bradshaw, Francina Sapp, Karen Dixon, Willa B. Massenberg, Verain Thomas, Sharee Owens, Joyce Jackson, Mary Crawford, Valerie Mitchell, Carol Knight, Doris Felder, Margie Jones, Ricardo Poulette, Lillian Hopson
Tenors : Lajond Brackens, Randy Jones, Kevin Williams, Jovan Butler, Derek Riddick, Derrick Mavable, Etta Owens, Elnora Williams, Michael Walker, Samuel Watson, James Sapp, Keith Howie, Leon Miller, Will Pryor, Ron Rice, Roddy Stephens