Pamela Deuel Hart ‎"Weary Child" (1981) -CCM / Westcoast Rock-

Label : Spirit Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Rain On Me (Denny & Tim Correll, Pamela Deuel Hart)
02 - Weary Child (Denny & Tim Correll)
03 - He Put Us Here To Love (S. Dalton)
04 - Count All My Blessings  (Denny Correll)
05 - Depend On Me (Mason & Michaels)
06 - Glory Bound (M. Rooney Jr.)
07 - All It Would Be (Kelly Willard)
08 - Am I Lonely (Pamela Deuel Hart)
09 - Breaking Through (Denny & Tim Correll, Pamela Deuel Hart, Baker)
10 - Only Way To God (Walt Mills)

Produced by Denny Correll
Executive Producer : Kent Washburn
Recording & Mixing Engineer : Willie Harlan
Mastering Engineer : Richard Donaldson
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at I.A.M. Studios, Irvine, California

Musicians :
Drums : John Mehler
Bass : Marc Levine
Rhythm Guitar : George Marinelli
Piano : Harlan Rogers
Pedal Steel : Gary Morse
String Arrangements : Larry Muhoberac
Lead Guitars : Sherwood Ball ("He Put Us Here To Love" & "Am I Lonely"), Eric Turner ("Rain On Me", "Breaking Through" & "Depend On Me")
Sax Solo : David Garland ("Only Way To God")
Rhythm Guitar : Mickey Rooney Jr. ("Glory Bound")
Organ : Denny Correll ("Rain On Me" & "Breaking Through"), Harlan Rogers ("Weary Child")
Background vocals : Denny Correll, Tim Correll, Walt Mills
Background  on "Am I Lonely" by The Irvine Boy's Choir