Madeleine "Who Is She...?" (1978) -Westcoast Soul-

Label : United Artists Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - He Wants To Hear The Words (Ken Hirsch & Kathy Wakefield)
02 - It's In Your Eyes (Jimmy George)
03 - You Are Day, You Are Night (Richard Tattersalt)
04 - Don't It Drive You Crazy (Ted Ashford)
05 - In Love We Grow (Dennis Belfield)
06 - Who, What, When, Where, Why (Rupert Holmes)
07 - Who Is She And What Is She To You (Bill Withers & Stanley McKenny)
08 - I Love Makin' Love To You (Ben Weisman, Evie Sands & Richard Germinaro)

Produced by Carl Davis
Arranged & Conducted by Johnny Pate
°Co-Produced, Arranged & Conducted by Sonny Sanders
Musical Director : Sonny Sanders
Recorded at Universal Studios, Chicago ; Kendun Recorders & Village Recorders, Los Angeles
Engineer at Universal : Bill Bradley
Assistant Engineer at Universal : Steve Frisk
Engineer at Kendun : Michael Schuman
Assistant Engineer at Kendun : Stillman Kelly
Engineer at The Village Recorders : Michael Schuman
Assistant Engineer at The Village : Wayne Nevendorf

Background vocals : Joanie Berlmon, Dale Upton, Rhonda Grayson
Keyboards : David Foster, Pete Jolly, James Mendell
Guitar : Lee Ritenour, Ron Steele, Dennis Budimir
Percussion : Harvey Mason, John Guerin, Quinton Joseph
Bass : Scott Edwards, Bernard Reed, Steve Rodby
Strings : Sol Bobrov, Roger Moulton, Joel Smirnoff, Adrian Gola, Arnold Roth, Marty Abrams, Elliott Golub, Frank Borgognone, George Palermo, Ruth Goodman, Joseph Golan, Sam Magad, Everett Mirsky, Suzanne Sporny, Theodore Silvin
Horns :
Flute : James Mack & Kaye Clements
Trumpet : Lionel Bordelon, Murray Watson, Bobby Lewis, Russ Iverson, George Bean
Tenor Sax : Cliff Davis
Trombone : Steve Galloway, Morris Ellis, John Avant
Baritone Sax : Willie Henderson & George Hunter