Madagascar "Spirit Of The Street" (1981) -Funk / Soul-

Label : Arista Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Pay Attention (John Barnes)
02 - This Is When It Counts (John & Sharon Barnes)
03 - Rainbow (John & Sharon Barnes)
04 - Baby Not Tonight (John Barnes)
05 - Dance Spirit Dance (John & Sharon Barnes)
06 - Playin' With Fire (John & Sharon Barnes)
07 - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (John Barnes)
08 - Thank You For Our Song (John & Sharon Barnes)
09 - International Jamboree (John Barnes, Henry Cross & Vella M. Cameron)

Producer : John Barnes
Executive Producer : Gerry Griffith
Administrative Production : Raymond A. Shields II
Production Assistant : William Griffin
Engineer : Barney Perkins

Featured Vocalists :
Mortonette Jenkins, "This Is When It Counts" & "Pay Attention"
Marva King, "Thank You For Our Song", "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" & "Dance Spirit Dance"

Lead vocals :
Marva King & John Barnes, "Rainbow"
John Barnes, "Baby Not Tonight"
Gerald Albright & John Barnes, "Playin' With Fire"
Sharon Barnes"This Is When It Counts"
Group Vocals"International Jamboree"

Musicians :
John Barnes, Keyboards & Synthesizers
Ed Greene, Drums
Donald Griffin, Guitars
Nathan East, Roland Bass
Raymond L. Brown, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Tamborine
Gerald Albright, Saxophone, Flute
Paulinho Da Costa, Percussion
Robert Greenidge, Steel Drums

Background vocals : Billy Griffin, Marva King, John Barnes, Janice Sadler ("Dance Spirit Dance")

Rhythm Arrangements by John Barnes
Horn Arrangements by Raymond L. Brown & John Barnes
Vocal Arrangements by Billy Griffin & John Barnes