K.T. Oslin "Greatest Hits: Songs From An Aging Sex Bomb" (1993) -Country Pop / Country

Label : RCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - New Way Home (K.T. Oslin)
02 - Hold Me (K.T. Oslin)
03 - Feeding A Hungry Heart (K.T. Oslin & Randy Goodrum)
04 - 80's Ladies (K.T. Oslin)
05 - Do Ya' (K.T. Oslin)
06 - Come Next Monday (K.T. Oslin, Rory Michael Bourke & Charlie Black)
07 - You Can't Do That (K.T. Oslin, Will Jennings & Glen Ballard)
08 - I'll Always Come Back (K.T. Oslin)
09 - Hey Bobby (K.T. Oslin)
10 - This Woman (K.T. Oslin)
11 - Get Back In The Saddle (Waly Haldridge & James Hooker)

Credits for Tracks 01, 02, 03, 07, 11 :
Produced by Glen Ballard
Recorded & Mixed by Francis Buckley at Studio Ultimo & Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, CA & The Music Mill, Nashville, TN
Mixed at Westlake Audio
Second Engineers : Tom Biener, Steve Harrison, Chris Fogel, Terry Bates
Charts Prepared by Orion Crawford
Production Coordinator : Jolie Levine

Musicians :
Drums : John 'JR' Robinson, Owen Hale ("Feeding A Hungry Heart")
Bass : Jimmy Johnson
Piano : Randy Kerber ("New Way Home", "Get Back In The Saddle"), Glen Ballard ("You Can't Do That")
Guitar : Michael Landau
Hammond B-3 : Benmont Tench
Fender Rhodes : Glen Ballard ("New Way Home"), Randy Kerber ("Feeding A Hungry Heart", "Get Back In The Saddle", "You Can't Do That")
Synths : Glen Ballard ("New Way Home", "You Can't Do That", "Hold Me"), Randy Goodrum ("Feeding A Hungry Heart"), Randy Kerber ("Get Back In The Saddle")
Synths & Programming : Glen Ballard ("Feeding A Hungry Heart", "Get Back In The Saddle")
Percussion : Glen Ballard ("Hold Me"), Paulinho Da Costa ("Get Back In The Saddle")
Harmonica on "Get Back In The Saddle" : Tommy Morgan
Trumpets on "You Can't Do That" : Jerry Hey, Gary Grant
Saxophones on "You Can't Do That" : Dan Higgins, Kim Hutchcrodt
Sax Solo on "Feeding A Hungry Heart" : Brandon Fields
Background vocals (except "Hold Me") : K.T. Oslin, Maxi Anderson, Edie Lehman, Arnold McCuller
Rhythm Arrangements : Glen Ballard
Horn Arrangements : Jerry Hey

Tracks 04, 05, 08 Produced by Harold Shedd for Tag Team Productions
Associate Producers : Joe Scaife & Jim Cotton

Track 06 Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Joe Scaife & Jim Cotton for Cotton-Eyed Joe Productions, Inc.

Tracks 09, 10 Produced by Harold Shedd