Jessy Dixon "The Winning Side" (1987) -CCM-

Label : Power Discs

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Sold Out (Shawn Craig)
02 - Let Your Spirit Flow (J.C. Meyer)
03 - Peace Be Still (Shawn Craig)
04 - We're Gonna Make It (Shawn Craig)
05 - Chain Reaction (Eddie DeGarmo & Dana Key)
06 - Miracle For You (Dave Clark)
07 - Everlasting Eyes (Mark Baldwin)
08 - I'll Be Ridin' With Him (Shawn Craig)
09 - Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt (Rick Crow)
10 - I'll Be Alright (Jessy Dixon)

Produced by Lari Goss
Engineered by Lee Peterzell & Bob Clark
Mixed by Lee Peterzell

Musicians :
Keyboards : Lari Goss, Phil Kristianson, Cheryl Rogers
Bass : Tommy Cathey, John Mays
Drums : Greg Morrows, John Hammond
Guitar : Tom Hemby

Basic Track Arrangements : Lari Goss, John Mays, Jessy Dixon
Synthesizer Programming : Mike Smith
The Jessy Dixon Band : Elsa Harris, Charlotte Davis, Michael Manson, Kevin Johnson

Recording Studios :
Creative Recording, Inc.
Great Circle Sound Studios

Singers : Kim Fleming, Cheryl Rogers, Stephanie Cratch, Roni Goss

Mastered at Mastermix