First Call "Sacred Journey" (1993) -CCM / Pop Rock-

Label : Myrrh Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Wanna Be (David Batteau, Darrell Brown & Bonnie Keen)
02 - Freedom (David Batteau, Darrell Brown & Marabeth Jordon)
03 - Thank You Lord (Bonnie Keen, David Batteau & Darrell Brown)
04 - Box Of Glory (Darrell Brown, David Batteau & Bonnie Keen)
05 - Lazarus Unwound (Darrell Brown, David Batteau & Marty McCall)
06 - Evidence Of Love (Lowell Alexander & Bonnie Keen)
07 - 95 Reasons (Darrell Brown, David Batteau & Marty McCall)
08 - Under The Water (David Batteau, Darrell Brown & Bonnie Keen)
09 - Just Can't Help Myself (Joe Hogue, Marabeth Jordon, Paul Salverson & Tony Smith)
10 - When You Fall (Marty McCall, Darrell Brown & David Batteau)
11 - Timothy's Burden (David Batteau, Darrell Brown & Marabeth Jordon)
12 - Sacred Journey (Marty McCall, David Batteau & Darrell Brown)

Produced by Darrell Brown, David Batteau, Marty McCall, Marabeth Jordon & Bonnie Keen
Executive Producer : Dan Posthuma
Track Engineer : Joe Baldridge at OmniSound Studio, Nashville
Assistants : Aaron Swihart & Patrick Kelly
Vocal Engineers : Paul Salverson & John Jaszcz at SynchroSound & Studio 3319, Nashville, TN
Overdub Engineers : Paul Salverson & Joe Baldridge at OmniSound Studio & Studio 3319, Nashville, TN
Mixed by Jeff Balding, D.B. at The Castle & Quad Studio, Nashville, TN
Assisted by Carry Summers, except for "Timothy's Burden", Assisted by Greg Parker
"Under The Water" & "Lazarus Unwound" Mixed by Paul Salverson at The Castle, Nashville, TN
Assisted by Carry Summers
"Sacred Journey" Mixed by Brian Scheuble at A&M Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Assisted by Michael Douglas
Production Coordinator : Paul Salverson

Drums : Chad Cromwell
Bass : Jackie Street
Keyboards : Dennis Matkosky
Acoustic & Electric Guitar : Kevin Dukes
Acoustic & Electric Guitar : George Cocchini

Electric Guitar & Lead Solo on "Freedom" by Steve Cropper
Fiddle Solo on "When You Fall" by Alison Krauss
Cello on "Evidence Of Love" by Bob Mason
Viola on "Evidence Of Love" by Jim Grosjean
String Arrangements on "Evidence Of Love" by John Darnall
Percussion on "Thank You Lord", "Evidence Of Love", "When You Fall", "95 Reasons", "Timothy's Burden", "Box Of Glory", "Just Can't Help Myself" & "Sacred Journey" by Terry McMillan
Harmonica Solo on "Box Of Glory" by Terry McMillan