Streek "Streek" (1981) -AOR-

Label : Badland Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Johnny, You're A Bad Boy (Billy DeMartines)
02 - I Can't Go On (Billy DeMartines)
03 - Only Heaven Knows (Billy DeMartines)
04 - Gone Too Far (Ron Abrams)
05 - Fantasy (Billy DeMartines)
06 - Runner (Billy DeMartines & W. Kibbey)
07 - Stop (Ron Abrams)
08 - One More Night (Billy DeMartines)
09 - Tonight (Billy DeMartines)
10 - Rocket (Billy DeMartines)

Produced by Fred Ruppert & Bob Stringer
Executive Producer : Charles Roven
Recorded by Bob Stringer at The Lighthouse in Studio City, California
Additional Engineering : Jim Hodson
Mastered by Eddy Schreyer at L.A. Mastering, North Hollywood, California
Musical Arrangements by Streek
Vocal Arrangements by Streek
Synthesizer Programming by Paul Fox & Larry Rust
Associate Manager : Scott Sandler
Production Assistants : Charlotte Sperer & Lee Ann Webster
Concert Engineer : Joe Cooper
Stage Manager : Steve Ehrlich with assistance from Lane's Cartage

Billy DeMartines : Keyboards, Lead vocals on "Johnny, You're A Bad Boy", "I Can't Go On", "Only Heaven Knows", "Fantasy", "Runner, "One More Night", "Tonight"
Ron Abrams : All Guitars, Lead vocals on "Gone Too Far", "Stop", "Rocket"
Giuvanni Bartolotto : Drums, Percussion, Background vocals
Randy Oviedo : Bass, Background vocals
Daniel J. Ricciardelli : Saxes, Background vocals