Priscilla Engle "Ageless Love" (1989) -CCM / High Tech AOR-

Label : Diadem Music

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Ageless Love (Mark Pay & Priscilla Engle)
02 - Nothing But Jesus (Gerry Limpic)
03 - He Is Still A Father (Ray Boltz, Mary & Steve Millikan)
04 - Just Believe (Paul Marino & Priscilla Engle)
05 - No Need (Bow Down) (Paul Marino & Priscilla Engle)
06 - He's Leading The Way (Ray Boltz & Steve Millikan)
07 - There You Are (Paul Marino & Priscilla Engle)
08 - River To The Throne (Paul Marino & Priscilla Engle)
09 - Follow You (Paul Marino & Priscilla Engle)
10 - Fire Of The Holy Spirit (Mark Pay, Priscilla Engle & Ray Boltz)
11 - To Live Is Christ (Mark Pay & Priscilla Engle)
12 - Don't Dance (Sally Fierce, Priscilla Engle, Ray Boltz & Steve Millikan)
13 - Kingdom Love (Sally Fierce & Priscilla Engle)

Produced & Arranged by Steve Millikan except "Just Believe", "No Need (Bow Down)", "River To The Throne" & "Follow You" Arranged & Produced by Ray Melson & Steve Millikan
Engineered by John Bolt, Ronnie Brookshire, Lynn Fuston, Bret Teegarden, Mike Wilson, Brad Rector
Mixed by John Bolt, Bret Teegarden, Ronnie Brookshire

Drums : Mark Hammond, Dane Clark
Bass : Gary Lunn, Randy Melson
Guitars : Tom Hemby, Sandy Williams, George Cocchini
Keyboards : Steve Millikan, Joe Hogue & Rollie Mains (on "Follow You")
Saxophone : Mark Douthit
Background vocals : Cozette Byrd, Shgelly Harris, Steve Millikan, Ray Boltz, Paul Marino, Beverly Darnall, Guy Penrod, Mark Ivey, Kip Raines, Jimmie Lee Sloas

Recorded at :
Aire Borns Studios, Indianapolis, IN
Duckworth Studio, Nashville, TN
Hummingbird Recording, Nashville, TN
Quad Studios, Nashville, TN
Sound Stage Studio, Nashville, TN